Show newer "milf twink" 😂

Almost as funny as my current birdsite favorite: Seafart Firetruck

@gemlog I'm missing context here, but I think I'm getting it.

@JonYoder The selling point for me (aside from the fact that I prefer more explicit syntax) is the fact that a dude set up a basic web server for 2MB of RAM vs 80 via .Net.

Some of the Python & Node servers I've deployed can't even compare with either of those numbers, let alone the former.

New year, new language. I know I've yammered on about this before, but I never stuck to it.

Me, as a Web Developer, learning Rust or GoLang as my next skilling adventure.

Played with both again. As much as I get out of Go out of the box, I really think in the long run Rust will enrich my ability to write things.

Listening to has been a big eye opener. I used to think that I really understood practical consumer-level security.

The truth is, you either abstain from smart devices and software, or you're vulnerable.

I used to think Open Source was part of a golden standard for security as well. A whole community auditing code aught to be more trustworthy than xyz company, right?

Even if we stuck to the official repos for our distros, we're 1 bad update away from a 0 day.

@ugmug I will meet your enthusiasm with cautious optimism

@ugmug is this an achievable example or are you just teasing me?

I remember when PayPal was a nice idea, but for the most part didn't make it much easier to pay for stuff online as opposed to just qualifying for some credit card company.

Now many years later, in the midst of my family's temporary housing situation our cards got lost. PayPal has kept working by just using our accounts.

For my business and it's expenses this has been a life-saver.

@cassidyjames slightly above really hammers home the idea of it bring a laptop

The look I got from my retired programmer uncle in-law when I told him I use as my editor was worth every minute I spent configuring it.

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Am I the only one who thinks that Omicron sounds like a really bad Decepticon?

@RachaelAva1024 @trashheap this is ironic because you use Arch, btw. Literally everything in the AUR* is compiled by source unless you're cherry picking pre-built binaries

@brion @deshipu Don't you know that by putting Crypto into everything we're "taking back the Internet from 'the man'?"

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Okay, why say "web browsers are hard to make, you need a huge budget to do so" instead of

Chrome wasn't built in a day


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