My wife just told me that our child will find calm/comfort in what music we listen to out loud right now. Looks like I'll be lulling my child to this.

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@Gina Can we just get one with real end-to-end encryption with only optional sign-up information that works fast and is easy for everyone to use/adopt across all platforms? 😬

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@skelly Dude looks fucking tiny next to that shifter like a forced perspective illusion.

Black Friday sale! You send me money and I give you 50% off a pat on the back

@matthew @skelly A nice solution if you allow firefox to keep a history after closing!

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@seachanged @isagalaev This sounds reasonable given the current political climate, but do you have sources for these numbers? I'm curious enough to read them.

@matthew Thanks so much for sharing this. My wife and I will look into maybe getting something of our own :D


Plasma does a lot out of the box and with plug-and-play convenience, but there's always bugs, undesired side-effects or inconsistencies. Enough that make Plasma roughly the same amount of work/bother to me.

XFCE is a nice compromise as it has some convenience baked in.

Of course with all of this your mileage may vary.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

@unicornfarts Plasma is really nice, but it's not perfect. I still find myself going back to i3.

It's really hard to compare any other DE to my i3 config. While there's always futzing with the little bits of extra work, my i3 config for the most part does things the way I want them done, when I want them done. My configs are improving in small bits every month and make the futzing less bothersome.

@unicornfarts What some of my family members had done was leave up the hard stuff. The "major" runs that require ladder work and the better part of a couple of days, and take down/put up the easy stuff.

I feel like this is reasonable.

@isagalaev Its actually scary how fragile our collective social contract with one another actually is. Confuse or remove the rules, and the majority of us will regress into barbarians.

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