@eldang I think the claim to artists funds is something like 15%, not at all comparable to Spotify or Apple.

Not sure about the Google Music or Amazon services. I assume they're fraught

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@trevdev Yeah, that's tended to be my MO. I think I'll always prefer Bandcamp for purchasing when possible because it seems to pass significantly more money on to artists, and is just generally a refreshing non-horrible new tech company.

@eldang bandcamp is great for buying obscure/Indy stuff as you may already know ;)

I own a lot of music, much of which was discovered on Spotify first.

@xahlee's last few mastodon toots are premium, too, just like his elisp :emacs:

@yisraeldov @kirschwipfel

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@kirschwipfel @yisraeldov Xah thinks all of his stuff is the greatest emacs stuff in history 🤣

@liberation I've tried spacemacs. It's great! I have my own config though with evil-mode, which is what spacemacs uses.

Biggest annoyance that I have are visual motions. Particularly vi(delim) and va(delim). Emacs with vim-evil will frequently get the delimiters wrong.

I know the good sport thing to do is submit a pull request, but that's not where feel like going this time around

@liberation agreed. But if I'm going to use Vim motions it would be nicest to use them well, and without too many compromises

@yisraeldov many vim motions are too. While I see your point I'm still getting used to them. So far it's going well

I keep wondering what it would be like if I stuck to bindings instead of using evil-mode.

I've used Vim bindings all over the place for years, and I love them. Evil works really well in Emacs but it's not perfect. I'm also willing to bet things overall would be more consistent if a larger more disruptive package were not on board.

I've installed god-mode for now, and I'm giving it a 3rd shot.

@silverwizard what if the most spectacular way possible is chucking it through a window? Not an idle threat then is it?

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@Siilwyn I want System 76 to succeed. Especially because they use Rust. I have heard that they've had issues contributing upstream, however, and Gnome seems to be moving fast these days

@Siilwyn I've been loosely readying about/listening about System76, their hardware and Pop!

It's all amazing.

I'm currently running Fedora 35 with Gnome 41 , so a shell requiring 3.38 isn't gonna fit for me just yet. It looks good in writing

I've been missing my tiling WM but also enjoying . I have grabbed a couple of extensions to satisfy that old craving.

1. extensions.gnome.org/extension - Probably the best tiling manager extension. Lots of options! Simple config.

2. extensions.gnome.org/extension - Get rid of title bars and put that info into the shell bar instead.

It's the same keybind-y experience as i3, or as mouse free, but even with i3, you can't avoid a mouse with many apps anyway.

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