@gemlog you do however need a buddy and a few beers l because that looks like fun work

@aarongarcia @Karaandcoffee my wife and I went to Ireland/England/Scotland the summer before the pandemic hit. We were very fortunate with out honeymoon timing

@gemlog I mostly care about kids not being bombed in this context, not who did what. The holy war goes back beyond recorded history and is always horrific and unnecessary

@lordrishav however, the block chain gives good incentive to creators and is at least open souce

@lordrishav "because block chain" doesn't really cut it for me. There's gigabytes of media content, creator account says, streaming servers, domains, hosting and no 3rd party clients (yet).

@bithive "well if you like it so much stop ejecting it!"

Infant daughter: carries on with clueless suckling.

As ironic as it is to basically talk to myself I still find it amusing. Babies are so feeble yet funny

@aarongarcia you have a repository I can fork somewhere? This sounds amusing

My daughter: Loves her pacifier so much she can't get enough of it

Also my daughter: Launches it as far as she can and gets furious about it being gone

@aarongarcia Vancouver Island, off the west coast of BC, Canada. We also like tacos

@aarongarcia That's awesome. I've just been throwing money at my admin and contributing code. Running an instance is also technical and social overhead. I prefer to keep those kinds of overhead manageable. Good on you for contributing to the Fediverse! The more instances the better.

@aarongarcia me too. Though hosting any modern ActivityPub instance takes more than I'm willing to buy right now, they're not so far out of budget that I can't do it later. I like Piwigo as it runs on a shared server with PHP and MySQL

@aarongarcia also check out Piwigo for a more private photography sharing website that's kinda smugmuggy. piwigo.org

@aarongarcia nothing is as cool as it was before advertiser monetization, or before Facebook managed to convince the unwashed masses that being "genuine and open to sharing your every detail" online was best for "connecting the world". It certainly connects us but at the cost of being abused.

Check out pixelfed pixelfed.org - you may like it.

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