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humans are 60% water

water has 2 hydrogen atoms in it

therefore humans are 120% hydrogen

wake the fuck up

@PhoebeWallerPalladino "What is that dripping on my head!? Oh maaan, this was a tuba tent"

@ticky @brainblasted Not sure what news you're referring to but someone paid for those papers somehow.

@brainblasted It's likely advertiser tracking. You can still pay them for premium :) Just like how you used to buy the paper every week for $2

TIL that US law firms enjoy suing small business online because they missed half a dozen ARIA tags for "accessibility" damages.

Does this:

@brainblasted you know you used to have to pay for newspapers to get them and they were mostly ad free? We need to support real news if we want it to keep existing.

@ZySoua Glad I'm not the only one who thought about this when I heard about the Switch

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I guess this might be relevant to #Telegram users. Or not.

>Security researcher Ahmed Hassan has shown that spoofing the Android’s “People Nearby” feature allows him to pinpoint the physical location of Telegram users


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I'm working on a #GURPS framework for #MapTool ( So far I have the attributes sheet nearly sorted. It updates and affects the pop-over stat sheets.

Interactive rolls are next.

@jordan31 Ok fair point, but we can do it more _efficiently_ now.

My printer has been mistaking the Letter setting as A4 for *years* now. Having a contract to send back for a prospective sub-contract lead me to investigate why.

I did not find my answer as to why all the GUI apps were sending the wrong option to CUPS.

What I did find was the `lp` command.

`lp -o media=Letter -d SOME_PRINTER <document>`

My page is formatted properly. Simplicity folks! 👏

Lesson re-learned today: Just because you've been doing a thing for years now doesn't make you less of an idiot.

Assume you're an idiot before posting for help.

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