I know I've been down this road before, but this time, I think it's actually gonna work out.

Want completions in neo() that are comparable to VSCode that are almost as easy to configure as ?

Look no further than Conquer of Completion (CoC)(or Cock because we're 12)

I kid you not this shit has been great so far. My support in Vim has never been better.

That sinking feeling when you've come so far with a static site build using pelican only to discover there's 's . Euuurrrghhh

Also, fun fact about accessiblity (which was part of why I decided to do this), is if your elements have innerHTML that isn't rendered in the VueJS slots, and for whatever reason, JS cannot be run on a users browser, that innerHTML remains.

For example:
<a href="#">
<fa-icon> <--- vue element
I'm a link <-- inner html

In the above case if vue runs, we just get a fontawesome icon. If it doesn't, the anchor renders with the "I'm a link" text instead ^_^

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Progress on my portfolio/website/blog with sprinkled in made!

I now have a static header (with dynamic menu item based on homepage children pages) and footer created :D

Next up: custom streamfield blocks to build the page content with.

seems to be the best way to deal with single file .vue files. It can also compile the sites global scss files into one JS file along with the components.

The problem with this, though, is I'm trying to serve as much static content with as I can.

The end result with having the entire site's CSS generated with JS is horrible page-load flicker as the page render with no styles, then re-rendered with *all* of the styles. (0/1)

Day 100: I made it...and with only 2 hiccups. The hours of coding I've done amount to way, way more than 100 but I'm glad I took this challenge because I've been motivated to push it just a little bit farther.

Things I've taken time to learn: , , , , (a little). Things I've improved upon: , , , , , , and deployment of web software in general. I've also enjoyed the networking experience as well.

Thanks for the support peeps!

Day 90: picked up where we left off last night in the truck. The more we talk about how we should go about collecting Guest data, the more the rest API model/serializer changes and the front end needs changing. Only 10 days left to go!

Day 89: Sometimes the conditions for are not ideal. Too much holiday shopping and events going on. During a gap while out in town, I'm working on the REST serializers and front end for the wedding website while my partner enjoys a book store.

Day 88: Worked on my client project and got the promotion code system working. Then moved on to teach coding.

Day 87: Worked on building a reactive promotion code system for my client. It's a fun, interesting challenge. We can't have the codes exposed in front end so all the business is done in the back. Also worked on a project <3

Day 86: More theme development sprinkled with more compatibility fixes and tests with my client project. Not a bad day.

Day 79: client project today. As it turns out my implementation of grid is not IE11 compat. Even with the appropriate prefixes. I explained to them why IE11 should be left behind, they don't care. I guess they shouldn't have to either. Get 'er done.

Day 77: Back to work, back to ! Noticed some mistakes in my client website and corrected them. Also added with Nuxt's integrated plugin. Very handy!

Day 74: Deployed and debugged my client / project. This last week has come down to a rush so there are likely things that have been missed. I imagine I'll revisit and update this one for a while yet. Visit it gently 💛

Day 73: Working for yourself is hard. If you have a rough week, there's no one to share ideas with and the only people who can reassure you of your strength do not understand the job. You struggle. That being said, I'm winning. This fancy /#NuxtJS cart works.

Day 72: More of day 71 with a hint of "haven't slept yet and this toot isn't the only thing overdue"

Day 71: Worked so hard at my project that I almost forgot to toot. Discovered that my project is totally incompatible with IE11. No clue as to why. No console errors. Just horrendous CSS flickering and a full white screen at times. Fun!

Day 70: With a couple days off and the full force of a fresh install, I went back to work on my deadlines and spent my evening learning how to turn into a rest API. I'm curious about using /#React with it.

Day 68: Under the gun today to deliver on-time. Hard to admit this, but we didn't make it today. I make it a point of pride to always work hard for my clients but everyone fails sometimes. Pick up my boots and keep going. Refactoring and teaching.

Day 67: Have I gone on about enough week? I don't make the rules! I'll just keep doing it. Vuex global state is super handy when combined with key components. You can easily update and manipulate shared state across the whole website/app. It's been fun 2 use

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