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Day 66: shopping cart development, hoooo! Now that I understand what getters expect, things are moving along. Also looking at some distros to use in my next hop. Considering or . By all means, slog your opinions below.

Day 64: More learning. In particular, @traversymedia's no nonsense, hands on project based tutorial on @udemy. Also did some project work and resolved my getters dilemma from later last week. Empty objects in state to contain stuff later = bad idea

Day 62: Spent some time reading, learning and practicing after yesterday's confusion. I feel like either I'm writing some bad JS (this is probably it) or there's some nuance with Nuxt and Vuex that I'm missing. Maybe?

Day 61: getters have got me a bit bummed. The minute I try to do more than just return a simple piece of modified state they stop working. Not sure I appreciate why. Either way I got a decent amount of work done. Sorta.

Day 60: Dedicated the day to that shop page for my client project. It's looking pretty slick. We've even got the cart tracked in the global state. We can add items from all over the website and check out the contents in a modal pop up.

Day 59: Started off with some site updating and reCaptcha fixing. Moved on to the shop page in my client refactor. It's going to be a somewhat ambitious interface.

Day 58: Made more client project progress, started working on a new site that I inherited from a client I signed yesterday. First thing I do: Start upgrading stuff. Within 8 minutes the whole heap of a website breaks from a couple gentle taps.

I did get the site running and functional, but it wasn't without disabling PHP errors. Now I get to figure out which of the 20+plugins they're depending on is broken.

Day 57: Found what I missed. When importing Vuelidate into a NuxtJS project as a plugin, be sure to flag ssr to true, otherwise, the server will see the plugin as undefined while rendering the template. This could be the nicest realtime form I've made :D

Day 56: I didn't make much progress today in my project. I'm struggling to make Vuelidate work as intended with Nuxt. I'm missing some small details I'm sure. Also did some reading for on MDN as suggested by @BxBytesSteph (twitter). Looking forward to more!

Day 55: makes 2-way data binding easy, but unlike , we aren't separating code into task-specific files as much. My ContactForm component is getting super unwieldy from writing my own form validations. Enter Vuelidate!

Day 54: More work on my project. I have mentioned in the past that it uses NuxtJS for SSR. It's really nice to see server middleware options for quick, simple back end calls. Went on to teach coding before settling in at home for burrito time 🌯

Day 53: Worked mostly on my project between skipping out to help teach a bunch of kids with robots. I really love how v-model simplifies 2-way data binding.

Day 52: and were my jam today. Nothing too exciting. Mostly just page edits.

Day 51: Did some liquid custom templating for a client, some , then ended it all with my client project. Did the mobile styles and components for my "Retail Location Picker". With the use of Vue transitions, it turned out pretty damn slick

Day 47: A longer day. My wife-to-be was at an event all night so I just kept working. Did some project work, some theme modifications, teaching and project work. Not kidding when I say I like variety when it comes to work.

Day 46: Started off with writing learning material. The slides are about 60% done. I still have OOP basics, modules and popular built-ins not drafted but they're up next! Carried on with some teaching at Westview Learning (Lego Robots) then worked on my project.

Day 43: Some solid project work done. Got the unstyled functionality for a retail store location picker done for a client web refactoring project. It's so much nicer without page reloads! Moved on to some tomfoolery for another client.

Day 42: A little more learning on udemy and work on the wedding website. Mostly trying to refresh my memory with how to use with axios. I might just use a REST api instead.

Day 39: Worked more on learning material for new Pythonistas. The slides are coming together! Moved on to Lego Robots with the kids this afternoon then worked on my wedding website this evening :D

Day 38: A very full day that started with then carried on with project package updating for both my and projects and ended with some more work on my wedding website!

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