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Day 36: My name is changing this June :D I spent my evening working on my wedding RSVP website. Gonna build it as a project using vue-cli (vue create). Sorted out image optimization by using image-webpack-loader.

Day 26: Completed my testimonials page refactor for a client project. Implemented the use of grid to organize things. Feeling very good about as well, the 2.0 update is pretty slick!

Day 25: The unexpected nested website chronicles continue - we decided to rebuild the old, nested Dreamweaver page from 7 years ago with the new theme I installed in the rebuild. Also did some client website updating and some project work.

Day 22: On the ferry back after a weekend of wedding merriment, I did my hour of code while sailing to Victoria. Broke the testimonials page further down into modular components for my client project.

Day 21: The fallout after the wedding was a very quiet house with the early birds tiptoeing around the house and the quiet sound of a laptop keyboard clicking away. Squeezed a little more than an hour of work. The testimonials page is really coming along.

Day 19: I hate to sound like a broken record, but it's just how work is. More project work, tutoring and a dash of tampering on @oni_vim (Twitter) :D

Day 9: Not a bad start to the work week. Rocked some or one client and some for another. Udemy has a sale so I grabbed a course, just in case ;). I hear it's really good for writing strongly typed JS. I'm eager to see how it helps me.

Day 8: Sunday Funday. So maybe, I spent a little too much time tinkering around with a @Neovim (twitter) config and getting language server protocol to work?

Sad to say, it's slow. I hope my editor dysphoria ends soon with @oni_vim (twitter). Still got course work done though!

Day 7: It's the weekend! So, I don't feel so bad about investing a little time doing my backlog of @udemy (twitter) courses. Continuing my course. Hopefully between today and tomorrow, I'll have something cool to show off here.

Day 6: Another day, another point of Vue. Worked on my client projected and created a dynamic blog article page component, thanks to @nuxt_js (twitter) for making dynamic pages and route validation easy with the validate component method.

Day 3: Back at home and back at it. This morning I finished my "Monster Battle" game exercise from @maxedapps's (twitter) VueJS 2.0 course and was sure to do it before watching his example. Check it out:

Day 2: It's still a beautiful Vue out here in Black Creek BC. I used my time to do a solid chunk of my course with @maxedapps (twitter). Now building a basic "player vs monster" game. When compared to vanilla , vue makes this a breeze.

Day 1: 🎶Here I go again 🎶 It's not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get back up! VueJS this morning despite being on holiday. Wrote a dynamic custom captioned image component for a project that's one tag and easily reusable.

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