Sometimes you just need a good , am I right?

Easy script I wrote. Feel free to steal it.

I've made a few updates to vcftoabook over the last week or so. Features now include

- Being able to convert a directory of .vcf files into an addressbook. This is handy if you use vdirsyncer.

- Being able to append new vcf files/contacts/email addresses into your existing addressbook file.

Basically, add vcftoabook to your vdirsyncer cron job and you have auto-updating (neo)mutt contacts from your caldav server.


A long ass time ago I wrote a boiler plate for a Flask website and/or API. I've been maintaining it here and there and improving upon it.

If anything it gives me a reason to log into Github and see who has starred/forked it recently. This puts a smile on my face.

Finally re-launched my site - now with an all-new blog, with much help from and Pelican :D

The (Pelican) overhaul of my portfolio/blog is coming along. Just remembered that I can subscribe to any blog that has an RSS feed with Thunderbird. I had forgotten all about this. _People_ may not even be aware of RSS still being a thing.

Who needs "blog curators" like Medium? No one should.

The Pelican website is coming along.

I even managed to get Vue components running in it with as _little bloat as possible_. No webpack! Just gulp, concat and babel+minify. I'm even using JSX to write rendered components more cleanly.

My goal is to use a little vuejs to make it flash for those who want it, but accessible as possible for those who can't/don't want fancy.

I've never written a license for my JS before. Can anyone give me tips?

That sinking feeling when you've come so far with a static site build using pelican only to discover there's 's . Euuurrrghhh

For those of you who use Static Site Generators and enjoy rendering markdown do you write your own CSS or do you use a library? Maybe you think SSGs are for geezers.

And yes, I'm going SSG for my blog/portfolio, but I've found another project to continue learning Wagtail on ;)

This might be an awesome source of ideas for my younger students. I gotta head to book stores more often!

Day 100: I made it...and with only 2 hiccups. The hours of coding I've done amount to way, way more than 100 but I'm glad I took this challenge because I've been motivated to push it just a little bit farther.

Things I've taken time to learn: , , , , (a little). Things I've improved upon: , , , , , , and deployment of web software in general. I've also enjoyed the networking experience as well.

Thanks for the support peeps!

Day 99: Did some more tweaks to my @Qtile config. Gonna lay it to bed until the next free weekend. Also did some client edits and some research. Gosh only 1 day left!!

Day 98: I'm literally tweeting the day after at this point, but honestly, it should have been this way from the very beginning :P - Highlight of the day: my Qtile config, all wrapped up and ready to share.

Qtile setup is almost complete! Pretty slick and honestly, every bit as good as i3. Will post config when I'm done.

Day 97: Ended up going to sleep before tweeting, oops! Spent my morning configuring my Qtile WM some more. So far I've got my start up applications going using the handy Popen method from the subprocess built in. Just define a list of lists and loop them!

Day 96: I had a fun day! Flipped my work system back to from - I'm much happier knowing I can usually have my way without too much monkey business. Explored a new tiling window manager (QTile), so I got my fix today! I'll post results later

Day 94: Geared up to go take on the 9 year olds again in robots ( Programming) and worked on a CMS project. Finished the day with a bit of work.

Day 90: picked up where we left off last night in the truck. The more we talk about how we should go about collecting Guest data, the more the rest API model/serializer changes and the front end needs changing. Only 10 days left to go!

Day 87: Worked on building a reactive promotion code system for my client. It's a fun, interesting challenge. We can't have the codes exposed in front end so all the business is done in the back. Also worked on a project <3

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