Day 23: a not so return to work day. 3 days of travelling and socializing takes a lot out of this introvert. I did, however, work on some contributions to my preferred instance. Mostly updating my environment and some styles.

Day 15: Learned about orphaned branches in and was able to smooth out my 2 forks 1 repo issue on github! Did some theme refactoring for my favourite instance (this one 💝) to streamline future theme changes without colliding with other styles. Yay success!

@gemlog "Show us the code"

Day 11: What Rhymes with Cylon? ! I had an awesome time making a RISE slideshow in Jupyter Notebook in preparation for a tutoring session on functions tomorrow. Also did some client website updates.

Also setup a instance for some more fossy contributions.

So is trending on right now. So much trash talk going on. All I can do is laugh because they have no idea how good we've got it.

I have an entry for a Mastodon Dev server on my machine in my /etc/hosts file:

I can ping it by IP and domain name.
I can curl it by IP and domain name
I can browse it by IP, but none of my browsers can *browse* it by domain name.

Of course, all my XHR requests are failing by domain name as well 100% of the time.

I haven't ever had this problem before - fresh install of Linux Mint. Has anyone come up on this problem?

Most of you people are just beautiful. Almost a month away from Facebook and I still feel at home. I may actually be able to reactivate it and actually delete my account. Cheers to the community of Mastodon.technoligy and everyone else that I follow and enjoy so far.

conversation pro tip (that I already learned the hard way): Think you have a response to a toot? Click on the toot before replying. There may be a whole thread of conversation where someone's already said the thing you're about to say.

I really like the feature in Mastodon as a way to show someone I appreciate their toot without replying. I kinda wish had a bookmarking feature separate from favorites though as I utilize favorites to keep track of things I want to refer to later on. I don't want to clog it up with all of my encouragement to others to keep tooting the good toots.

I *love* how uses to handle the styles. Makes tweaking so, so nice.

I noticed that if I use the same in multiple times (usually for frivolous replies) it actually uploads multiple times. I can see this in my media section in my profile.

How does one go about the same piece of media the pretty way multiple times? Do we use markdown? BBCode? HTML? I'd like to keep my overhead on this instance down.

I've made myself a for spammy news bots. I want to see the news here sometimes, but I don't want it all up in my home feed.

Adding a user to a list doesn't seem to stop their chatter in the home pane. Tried to filter out the bots by "user" in the filters, couldn't figure out how to do it. Anyone do this sort of thing on ?

We've become accustomed to being a little too transparent on the Internet. There's one thing that has re-kindled for me - the fun of anonymity. With gross names like - who can't afford to have a good time around here, c'mon!!!

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