I have many versions of bundled projects and modules installed all over the place. Sometimes it can be hard to remember which revision of your software went where, so I wrote my first plugin ever - Log Version.


A very useful tutorial series that simplifies in .

Forgot all about it. A second watch through makes me appreciate this more.


Today I learned that NaN (not a number) is falsy, but if type checked, is still a 'number'.

This is why in I terminal test every check I have second thoughts about.

Wanna add a bit of sanity to ? Check out . Holy smokes the strengthened typing is so nice, especially for someone who is also a Pythonista.

Day 100: I made it...and with only 2 hiccups. The hours of coding I've done amount to way, way more than 100 but I'm glad I took this challenge because I've been motivated to push it just a little bit farther.

Things I've taken time to learn: , , , , (a little). Things I've improved upon: , , , , , , and deployment of web software in general. I've also enjoyed the networking experience as well.

Thanks for the support peeps!

Day 7: It's the weekend! So, I don't feel so bad about investing a little time doing my backlog of @udemy (twitter) courses. Continuing my course. Hopefully between today and tomorrow, I'll have something cool to show off here.

Day 6: Another day, another point of Vue. Worked on my client projected and created a dynamic blog article page component, thanks to @nuxt_js (twitter) for making dynamic pages and route validation easy with the validate component method. nuxtjs.org/api/pages-validate/

Day 3: Back at home and back at it. This morning I finished my "Monster Battle" game exercise from @maxedapps's (twitter) VueJS 2.0 course and was sure to do it before watching his example. Check it out: jsfiddle.net/trev_dev/Lhdqu589

Day 2: It's still a beautiful Vue out here in Black Creek BC. I used my time to do a solid chunk of my course with @maxedapps (twitter). Now building a basic "player vs monster" game. When compared to vanilla , vue makes this a breeze.

I have 2 projects on the go using , but this weekend I started reading and watching up on . I'm definitely feeling a little distracted ;)


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