seems to be the best way to deal with single file .vue files. It can also compile the sites global scss files into one JS file along with the components.

The problem with this, though, is I'm trying to serve as much static content with as I can.

The end result with having the entire site's CSS generated with JS is horrible page-load flicker as the page render with no styles, then re-rendered with *all* of the styles. (0/1)

Over the same couple of work days, I've been trying to use Dreamhost's "passenger" service to run the API I built for my wedding website. I have everything working on a test domain via the same service.

I ended up removing the folder for the production domain to easily copy over the test domain, and passenger stopped working altogether on that domain. It's super pissed me off. Several emails back-and-fourth and I swear they're just not listening to why it's a problem I'm getting Apache errors.

Day 100: I made it...and with only 2 hiccups. The hours of coding I've done amount to way, way more than 100 but I'm glad I took this challenge because I've been motivated to push it just a little bit farther.

Things I've taken time to learn: , , , , (a little). Things I've improved upon: , , , , , , and deployment of web software in general. I've also enjoyed the networking experience as well.

Thanks for the support peeps!

Day 99: Did some more tweaks to my @Qtile config. Gonna lay it to bed until the next free weekend. Also did some client edits and some research. Gosh only 1 day left!!

Day 94: Geared up to go take on the 9 year olds again in robots ( Programming) and worked on a CMS project. Finished the day with a bit of work.

Day 91: Mostly just plucked away at edits and watched some videos on . A not too productive Monday, to be honest.

Day 90: picked up where we left off last night in the truck. The more we talk about how we should go about collecting Guest data, the more the rest API model/serializer changes and the front end needs changing. Only 10 days left to go!

Day 89: Sometimes the conditions for are not ideal. Too much holiday shopping and events going on. During a gap while out in town, I'm working on the REST serializers and front end for the wedding website while my partner enjoys a book store.

Day 87: Worked on building a reactive promotion code system for my client. It's a fun, interesting challenge. We can't have the codes exposed in front end so all the business is done in the back. Also worked on a project <3

Day 84: The Rest Framework lightbulb is almost completely on. I'm thinking of great ways to use it for existing projects. I think it would be neat to finish a project combining the two frameworks that I learned during this challenge by day 100.

Day 83: Worked on rest framework for my wedding website. It's taking me a bit to wrap my head around using it properly but as time goes on the lightbulb is getting brighter.

Day 80: Kicked the day off with IE11 compat edits, moved on to helping kids with Lego @HeatherJStannar (twitter), then spent my evening working at my practice project. Not a bad day.

Day 76: More ! Made sure to hit it both days this weekend as I'm pretty busy otherwise.

Day 75: Did some work on a practice project. After a week of mostly just Javascript it was nice to do some more !

Day 70: With a couple days off and the full force of a fresh install, I went back to work on my deadlines and spent my evening learning how to turn into a rest API. I'm curious about using /#React with it.

Day 69: (got moved to today), I just didn't wake up a 7am on my day off yesterday to squeeze this one in. Company stayed over Fri, were up very late and I was out all the day after. Sometimes you just need a break. I did some practice/work today.

Day 65: trying to push through learning around running errands and appointments today. The simplicity of the model registration into admin settings cannot be overstated. I'm really enjoying this!

Day 64: More learning. In particular, @traversymedia's no nonsense, hands on project based tutorial on @udemy. Also did some project work and resolved my getters dilemma from later last week. Empty objects in state to contain stuff later = bad idea

Day 63: Back to learning. Hoping to get practical with all this reading, watching and coding along soon. The more I look into it,the more I feel like it could be a great all-around drop-in back-end framework. Especially with the rest-api plugin.

Day 56: I didn't make much progress today in my project. I'm struggling to make Vuelidate work as intended with Nuxt. I'm missing some small details I'm sure. Also did some reading for on MDN as suggested by @BxBytesSteph (twitter). Looking forward to more!

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