It definitely doesn't hurt to log into once in a while.

See this post regarding how tracks your data on , with or without the facebook app, with or without a facebook account, with or without your consent.

Friendica/Diaspora Showdown 

Closing thoughts for today:

Mastodon is still where it's at for open source social media as a whole from my very limited research point of view. It's hard for me to pick between either at the moment. While the features of are tasty, my gut really likes . Time will tell as I explore further.

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Friendica/Diaspora Showdown 

I'm going to try being active on both and for a bit of a throw down to see which one i like more and why. Why not pass the spam onto you lovely people? (1/2)


Lots of features and ways to find people.

Federates with both diaspora & OStatus (and tells you where people post from)

Hashtag cloud in profile, hashtags, mentions and subjects are highlighted at the bottom of every post.


Confusing UI

Intermittent PHP errors.

Somewhat slow

Looks like my first choice in pod was not federating as expected. I moved to, FYI.


After having a go at Friendica for a while, and seeing plenty of PHP errrors during normal operation, I decided to give a try. If anyone cares, I'm

To be fair, I'm not sure if I'll be quite as engaged there as I am here.

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