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Well it looks like stripped a screw on the thermal housing the last time I had service. I don't know how they managed that but now I'm wondering how I'm supposed to maintain the cooling :thonkpad:

Sometimes you just need a good , am I right?

Easy script I wrote. Feel free to steal it.

I've already rolled my own config, so this section of 's help docs tickled me.

Love how it escalates, yo.

This might be an awesome source of ideas for my younger students. I gotta head to book stores more often!

Qtile setup is almost complete! Pretty slick and honestly, every bit as good as i3. Will post config when I'm done.

Look at who finally figured out how to get mpd/ncmpcpp working ;) ;)

It's so good to be back in :archlinux:

So far my favorite distros (with all of my hopping) are :archlinux: and :debian:. I currently have Debian freshly installed on my recreational PC. It's running super well.

I still have to tweak a fair bit to get things running as I like. I chose XFCE for my DE as it's the least likely to ever fall out of date after freezing.

Debian 9.6 stretch's kernel is 10 point releases behind, but XFCE is as good/current as it gets. I feel like it's kind of an ideal choice for a stable system.

Day 89: Sometimes the conditions for are not ideal. Too much holiday shopping and events going on. During a gap while out in town, I'm working on the REST serializers and front end for the wedding website while my partner enjoys a book store.

Day 48: Did some more digging into how works. Kinda skimming over my Udemy course and sort of coding along.

Also eyeballing CMS plugins for Django as well. Checked out DjangoCMS & Mezzanine. They both seem cool. Not sure which to dive into though!

Day 13: Spent some more time playing with my config. Turns out you can use lsp-mode … to integrate modern language servers. The way emacs displays LSP is really handy and non-invasive. Also worked on my project.

I had a custom config with i3 as the window manager. Decided to take the full KDE plunge and use KWIN.

After fiddling, making many shortcuts and getting a different window decorator, I have a super fancy keyboard driven setup with absolutely all the Plasma perks.

So is trending on right now. So much trash talk going on. All I can do is laugh because they have no idea how good we've got it.

So I wanted to switch to scss from indented sass in a large project. I ran sass-convert recursively and then did a rm -r src/**/*.sass. However, I still had to change all of my file imports. helm & the Silver Searcher to the rescue!

Silver Searcher (AG) is a regex friendly code searching program that works in several editors. I used it in conjunction with helm-do-ag-project-root to snipe all my sass import statements throughout my whole project. Check it out!

I have 2 projects on the go using , but this weekend I started reading and watching up on . I'm definitely feeling a little distracted ;)

You never _truly_ understand how crazy you are until your partner messages you from the other room her version of what you're saying aloud for some reason.

I had lost scope with React Router by connecting a major container to React Redux and suddenly my nav broke.

I sound like a goddamn crazy person.

A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

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