My new optometrist has a massive online intake form and asked a bit of an absurd question with a tiny form field so I thought "why not just give it to them?"

So here it is. "Please list any hobbies"

Over the last few weeks I've been learning how to actually use my DSLR camera. Since my daughter arrived, I've been learning photo finishing with darktable, to boot. Turns out taking pictures can be nerdy. Who knew?


The "Braxton Hicks" : Canada's premier Blue Grass band!

With hits such as: "My Baby's on her Way", "Tight Squeeze", "The Bloody Show (Must Go On)" and "Cuttin' the Cord".

Only $9.99!

Finally a good use for these bobble heads. Video conferencing!

spy kids 3 

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I love that the "controversial" comment thread on is a pacifier.

Passive aggressive? Maybe, but I get it.

Officially joined the "too cool for one monitor" club.

I'm very much enjoying this.

I'm also enjoying the new ergonomic keyboard.

It's not a mechanical keyboard, but it's an improvement.

Now I can monitor the much more closely :floppy:

Well it looks like stripped a screw on the thermal housing the last time I had service. I don't know how they managed that but now I'm wondering how I'm supposed to maintain the cooling :thonkpad:

Sometimes you just need a good , am I right?

Easy script I wrote. Feel free to steal it.

I've already rolled my own config, so this section of 's help docs tickled me.

Love how it escalates, yo.

This might be an awesome source of ideas for my younger students. I gotta head to book stores more often!

Qtile setup is almost complete! Pretty slick and honestly, every bit as good as i3. Will post config when I'm done.

Look at who finally figured out how to get mpd/ncmpcpp working ;) ;)

It's so good to be back in :archlinux:

So far my favorite distros (with all of my hopping) are :archlinux: and :debian:. I currently have Debian freshly installed on my recreational PC. It's running super well.

I still have to tweak a fair bit to get things running as I like. I chose XFCE for my DE as it's the least likely to ever fall out of date after freezing.

Debian 9.6 stretch's kernel is 10 point releases behind, but XFCE is as good/current as it gets. I feel like it's kind of an ideal choice for a stable system.

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