Another fun thing I learned about this week is that so many of the help documents that I read online are already built into the Emacs info system. Now that I've de-mystified how to use the thing I feel the need to look up documentation far less.

Try using `C-h i` to get into the info and press `C-h m` for mode info. You'll get a list of possible keybinds.

My advice, and the advice of many others, is to type `g` for "goto" then the topic in parens. Example: `C-h i g (elisp)` for config concepts

If a package on your system has info support, it will also be in this interface. Because I use Guix, I can go `C-h i g (guix)` and get access to all the Guix related goodness offline :) Other examples on my system include tar, nano, wget and more.

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