I managed to get my Emacs init to complete in under 1 second without the help of a DSL such as use-package.

All I had to do was avoid bootstrapping package.el and install my packages some other way. One could do this with the popular straight.el package. Since I am using Guix, I decided to install my elisp packages that way.

The rest was just avoiding the use of (require) during the init phase.

@otfrom Sure. Mind the lack of elisp! This is a literate config. All the source blocks tangle out into the various init files. It was also not really written to work for everyone out of the box.

Enjoy the concepts, however. They are still useful.

@trevdev 1 sec 25 secs, who cares ;) - i just go get a coffee when i start emacs at start of day.

@dekkzz78 I use daemon mode, too haha. Milliseconds of actual inconvenience. I just wanted to do it for whenever I do fire up a normal session. Trying to drink less coffee

@trevdev used to use daemon too, never gave me that much of a bonus so it went in one of my periodic init purges.

@dekkzz78 It's nice to have buffers/state the way I left it in the background. Especially if I accidently kill or close something

@dekkzz78 @trevdev

I wouldn't care much. My dashboard says "96 packages loaded in 5 seconds". However, I only start #Emacs (i.e. login into #EXWM) about once a week. Anyway, it is nice to see such performance improvements. Even small ones add up to a better UX.

@trevdev @debacle on the machine i run it on its ok, though if it was a dev machine would probably go i3 or stumpwm

@dekkzz78 @debacle Currently using stumpwm myself. I feel like a cool person : badabing:

@trevdev @debacle i've "tried" to stop messing with #emacs and just use the darn thing, but it's like an addiction........

@dekkzz78 @debacle You're not giving me hope haha. My goal is to "package" a read-only init with Guix that I am mostly happy with and it's taking forever. I wonder why..x

@trevdev @dekkzz78

#EXWM is a mixed experience. It drives me crazy all of the time, but OTOH, it has features I did not yet find anywhere else, so I'm trapped in it. Very much like #Emacs itself 🙂

@trevdev @dekkzz78

If you "live" in #Emacs anyway, e.g. use #mu4e, #magit, #orgmode, #dired, #eshell or #vterm_el etc. #EXWM is just the logical, final step into total submission to reason.

@trevdev another ? do you use saved configured windows that autoload lsp/repl setups?

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