StumpWM: The Final Frontier.

The LISPening is complete. It started with Emacs, spread to my system with Guix, then I found Nyxt browser and now...StumpWM.

All major corners of my computing world - LISP'd. Is this my final form?

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@trevdev I wonder - you're starting to scare me a little!

@gemlog What if I could scare you just a little more? Gimmie a couple weeks I'll write a wrapper for this into StumpWM

@trevdev Seriously, I've just never been able to get my head around lisp, guile, tcl and others like them.

@trevdev At my now advanced age, a lack of ambition ;-)
But formerly I just didn't think that way. It was like using RPN on a calculator, but in real life. Or something...
Things like Rexx, perl, python, ruby... all just kind of seem the same and make sense immediately. I really can't explain it I guess. I just never clicked with any of them.

@gemlog Fair enough. From my perspective so many of the lisp(s) are so syntactically similar that it makes grokking new things in lisp pretty easy to follow.

However, with how some people *write* Lisp, it can be much harder to follow than Python or Ruby.

Macros and Monads still send me spinning. Slowly I'll get there.

@gemlog Also, the term "advanced age" is amazing. I will be stealing it in 20ish years

@trevdev Do what I do: most of my friends are ~15 years older than I am, so I'm often 'the young guy' ;-)

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