"Free software must not be a mere alternative to proprietary code. It must incentivize a shift in attitude towards autonomy; towards self-rule.

We should strive to educate the user through the design of the program so that they can use what is offered to them in a way that makes sense for them and not just the developer or the provider of the software."

Protesilaos Stavrou

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@trevdev The design of the program? Or the design of the _code_?
Originally free software came about because early programmers wanted code they could share with one another. Here's an idea that would be really unpopular: FOSS projects should prioritise clean, readable, friendly code, so that users can easily understand and use it. I have literally never seen a project that does this.
… well, maybe Sinatra. It's pretty well written for reading?

@andy_twosticks This is the whole purpose of the quote. Prot feels like Elisp most often facilitates this sort of accessibility

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