I've been playing around a lot with modal editing in .

Yeah yeah, Evil is great - but Evil is an emulation layer that tries to take over your Emacs. I consistently run into conflicts with opinionated defaults that aren't "Evil".

I want a setup that respects, and ideally gels well with the Emacs defaults & philosophy.

Meow is the best all-in-one solution I have found so far.



Meow has:

1. An easy to follow abstraction model for keybinds.
2. Four modes for interacting with buffers (Normal, Insert, Motion, Beacon)
3. A special command mode called "Keypad", which does a really good job de-chording your keybinds so you can enter your commands quickly.
4. "Multi-Cursor" editing with macros using that before-mentioned "beacon-mode"

I have a great set-up with god-mode so far, but Meow can replace 4 packages. I hate (but love) having so much choice in Emacs.


As much as I like all of this..my home-brew "god-mode" set up with multiple cursors is pretty fast.


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@gemlog There's still all the other benefits of Meow to consider, and this is a somewhat niche use, case, but it looks fancy dunnit?

@gemlog If you think that trivial example was cool, look at what the creator of multiple cursors does with his own package


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