Bitwarden is being outed by duckduckgo on my phone. Have you tried duckduckgo privacy browser on android? It has a "vpn" layer that intercepts tracking.

So I asked Bitwarden what was up, this was their response. The accountability is nice :)

@trevdev we have a bitwarden home-hosted server & i can access it anywhere via vpn so it's also super cool that you can *do* that to begin with

@gabriel i suppose folks like yourself aren't often looking at the official play store builds, either

@trevdev yeah, i have no google services on my phone so even if i wanted to i couldn't lolll

@trevdev its for pretty much the reason you + they outlined that i just yeeted it into the sun

@gabriel I had a short run with LineageOS that ended when that device broke. I have not had a compatible device since and I miss it

@trevdev oof yeah, when my phone broke i bought a motorola G7 plus i think it is, cos it was cheap and supported. luckily type of phone doesnt matter to me much, barely use it aside from like...podcasts + music, and i have a lumix fz80 camera so i don't care abt camera quality. tho opencamera really does a good job with this phone. camera quality is largely software based for phones thesedays

@trevdev before that i had a pixel XL which had lineage OS on it and it was the greatest, it was like spitting in the face of god lmao

@gabriel yeah, the camera in my Moto G Power is also just for utility. I have Nikon DSLR, though admittedly, the Google AI takes a better picture than I on more modern phones, more consistently, but that is a whole other topic

@trevdev its also such a pain when you own a good camera cos they can take WORSE PHOTOS than phones can because they lack that kind of thing so you need to know all the settings and stuff. luckily i have a decent handle on that now. the only annoyance is night photography, my phone + opencamera does it well enough when I'm out at night. i need to buy a sturdy tripod for my lumix for this purpose though

@gabriel Without googly tools I really feel like the right light is paramount for sure. It also takes me everything to not go down the second-hand lense rabbit hole.

@trevdev Big fan of this. It just seems so much faster than Chrome or Firefox -- presumably because it's blocking crud.

@andy_twosticks the fact that its even available on F-Droid whereas Firefox is not scores points with me

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