I've been missing my tiling WM but also enjoying . I have grabbed a couple of extensions to satisfy that old craving.

1. - Probably the best tiling manager extension. Lots of options! Simple config.

2. - Get rid of title bars and put that info into the shell bar instead.

It's the same keybind-y experience as i3, or as mouse free, but even with i3, you can't avoid a mouse with many apps anyway.

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@Siilwyn I've been loosely readying about/listening about System76, their hardware and Pop!

It's all amazing.

I'm currently running Fedora 35 with Gnome 41 , so a shell requiring 3.38 isn't gonna fit for me just yet. It looks good in writing

@trevdev yeah I'm in the same boat, tried it like six months ago on Fedora 35 but stopped using it because of some bugs. Thought I would try it again once Gnome 41 is supported, but I'm looking forward to Gnome 42 features 😅

@Siilwyn I want System 76 to succeed. Especially because they use Rust. I have heard that they've had issues contributing upstream, however, and Gnome seems to be moving fast these days

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