New year, new language. I know I've yammered on about this before, but I never stuck to it.

Me, as a Web Developer, learning Rust or GoLang as my next skilling adventure.

Played with both again. As much as I get out of Go out of the box, I really think in the long run Rust will enrich my ability to write things.

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@trevdev Good choice! Go's great, but when I had to decide which to choose for a big project a couple years ago, I chose Go because I could spin up faster. If I had to do it all over again, I'd go Rust. Being able to export C bindings is no slouch and not having a garbage collector makes a big difference on bigger projects

@JonYoder The selling point for me (aside from the fact that I prefer more explicit syntax) is the fact that a dude set up a basic web server for 2MB of RAM vs 80 via .Net.

Some of the Python & Node servers I've deployed can't even compare with either of those numbers, let alone the former.

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