Are you developing websites & applications for the web?

Are you a Linux or Gods forbid, Windows user?

Think about testing your applications and websites in Epiphany. It looks like "Safari" is 20% of the browser market share.

What works in Chrome may break in Safari and be a real pain in your ass.

Side note: I wish FireFox had this market share. At least WebKit is open source.

Source: (and numerous other search results)

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@dekkzz78 astute observation. Troubleshooting compatibility problems for safari in Epiphany is almost as valid as spinning up that mac vm and doing it in actual safari. There are few exceptions

@trevdev wonder how much of safari is mobile only? tried Web for first time just now in a year or 2 and it actually displays mastodon properly now. trying to find out how the built in ad blockers compare with origin but cant find any data so far.

@dekkzz78 one of my least favorite things about WebKit in general is how it's not very extensible. Nice and light, but rigid. The ad blockers are mediocre

@trevdev at least it seems to run common stuff like mastodon, a year or so ago it couldn't.

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