I'm feeling a little smitten by System76. Their love of Rust is inspiring and their tenacity in delivering premium, FOSS hardware and software is awesome.

It's expensive, but I'm pretty sure the next time I need new hardware, I'm going through them.

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@trevdev Looks like they don't have the laptop that I got from them for work a while ago. I got it because it was a smol boi, but the battery life was *awful*. Like, lasting an hour of just being on the Internet awful.

@ketmorco That does sound terrible. Even though I'm plugged in most of the time, I still would like to have more than a couple hours without power :/

@trevdev I'm guessing the other ones are better, hopefully they all have decent battery life. I just wanted a small laptop with good battery life! Is that too much to ask? 😂

@ketmorco You would think battery life with any portable computing device would be key.

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