It's been nearly a week in Fedora 34

Things I've enjoyed:
1) Installation was a pain free process.
2) The software center will find firmware updates I didn't know I needed and help me install them.
3) I may open and close my laptop lid or hit the suspend button many times and my system stays stable.
4) Flatpaks work so well here that I really enjoy them.
5) The community is helpful and engaging.
6) Discrete GPUs just work in Gnome after a single package install


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Things that were challenging for me:

1. There isn't always an RPM/Flatpak for something I want to run. Arch linux and Debian have spoiled me. It took some massaging but I got everything I wanted.

2. Divergence from standards that I'm used to caused me some trouble but also taught me some new things. Like systemd-resolved and split DNS. With innovation comes learning.

3. My battery calibration is no longer accurate, but it's coming along.

On the whole I am very, very impressed.

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