The thing I struggle with regarding emacs is that it's a programmable editor and there are so many opinionated decisions made for me.

The thing that I love about emacs is that it's a programmable editor that gives me limitless options for my own opinionated decisions.

Ironic, isn't it? I'm also slightly spoiled by things like VSCode/Sublime and to some degree Neovim, where you can just expect certain settings/defaults/behaviors every time you try to do something, or extend the editor. (1/2)


Take for instance the renown web-mode.el package.

Until I figure out tree-sitter, web-mode is the easiest catch-all for web templates and markup syntax highlighting.

It also comes with it's own opinions about white space and auto-completion.

I have settings for these things already. I don't want web-mode to impose its settings on my workflow.

Don't like it? Write your own solution.

I should really write these in my blog :/ (2/2)

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