Over a year ago @gemlog conspired to introduce me to more local people from the Fediverse. I guess he thought I needed more friends :blobcatthinksmart:

Fast forward to today: My wife, daughter and I got to meet the lovely @eldang & @nein09 and hopefully not scare them away with bad jokes and heated political discussion.

I'm both delighted and somewhat disappointed that they're not blue furballs.

@trevdev @eldang @gemlog hey it’s only Eldan who’s a blue furball, you saw clearly today that I am a parody 1500s mandolin player with huge pointy teeth.

(It was so nice to meet you, and I had a wonderful time!)

@nein09 @eldang @gemlog

My apologies! For what it's worth your Mastodon beast form is much more intimidating.

Neat! :-)
I don't know any mastodonians IRL. I used to, but she moved back to japan :-( @aolog
I miss Aoi!
@nein09 @eldang

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