Hello Fediverse,

It's been a while. How have you been?

I've been:

1. Very busy with work and enjoying Fatherhood
2. Getting distracted by common internet baubles.
3. Enjoying the odd mobile game here and there. My all-time favorite game is now in my pocket (EVE Online by way of EVE Echoes)
4. Enjoying a more focused career as I've accepted the chance to just do Shopify front-end for a sub-contract who is very happy to offer as much as I can take.

I've missed the true Open Fedi. I hope you are well.

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@trevdev welcome back. Hope you enjoy being around here again

@trevdev what do you think of Echos? Played EVE a bit a few years back, but switched to Elite Dangerous.

@j_angliss as a person who has sank nearly 3000 actual hours into EVE, I'd say Echoes is a delight for a capsuleer who no longer has that kind of time on the hands. It's like EVE light, which is to say it's still crazy complex but mobile friendly

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