It looks like has really stepped up their enterprise offerings and have even promised to never use workspace related data for ad purposes. They've even gotten an audit or 2.

For the cost of $15 I can vastly improve the quality of my cloud service.

As a tired new parent, I'm already pretty weak these days. Google's making me weaker. My self-hosted Nextcloud is lacking. I can get it all for less than the cost of my ProtonMail pro sub.

Would you consider using Workspaces?

Follow up poll:

If you won't use Workspaces, how much cost in computing power per month is enough to deploy a performant Nextcloud/Owncloud instance? I've tried the bottom end ($10) and self hosted on a RPi 4.

Nextcloud has no documentation to help decide on how much resources are required to have a good experience. They elude to minimums, and I've tried them and more.


I appreciate the engagement on these polls. I decided Nextcloud/Workspaces were both overkill for now and simplified my workflow by using neither.

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@trevdev Is your isp not telus? You could always painlessly selfhost an instance of something or other like etherpad, if you needed collaboration suddenly.

@gemlog Shaw. Telus hasn't gotten their fiber out where I'm at yet.

I was self-hosting that Nextcloud on my PI, I still have a dynamic dns set up, so I could definitely do that.

I just don't think my router is all that good for self hosting, and the PI is still a cheap computer no matter how big the numbers look in terms of CPU and RAM

@trevdev It would be adequate for something like nginx and etherpad and a few collaboraters, np.
Re telus: you know the kinds of connections NEW, RELATED, ESTABLISHED? They block all NEW inbound connections on all ports unless you pay them business rates. Which... no. They do this on fibre (i've had it) and also ADSL.

@gemlog Are you telling me Telus restricts the freedom of their residential customers unless they can assume it's just personal use they're seeing?

@trevdev I'm telling you exactly what I just said. You can't make any inbound new connections on any port unless you pay them commercial rates. Only outbound connections.

@gemlog I'm sure you already know I believe that's absolute garbage. I've had no issues with Shaw and self-hosting aside from their obviously slow upstream channels.

@trevdev I know. I had no issues with cable or citywest either. It's just telus. And it rings true with me from long experience since it changed to being run by bean-counters after BCTel. I didn't rent a box for 240/mo down in austin for nothing - it was 5 times cheaper to do that than buy bandwidth from telus - and their CO was across the street from me!

@trevdev asymetric connections are normal for adsl/cable.

@trevdev I pounded my head against the wall trying to figure out how I could have dicked up a simple ssh server on my home pc for hours and hours. I tried all kinds of Stupid things, before finding out they were just DROP ing all my attemps. Fuck them REJECT would have been at least polite.
I get around the bastards though, of course ;-)
I email thunderbird with a special subject. It launches a script that opens a revers ssh tunnel to a vps. then I log into the vps and then back into my home box ;-)

@trevdev I had to do the same with my elderly (yeah, even older than me!) friend in Hazelton. I made him an icon and he emails me that he has clicked on 'the life-saver'. Then I can ssh into his box and fix w/e for him.

@trevdev It doesn't matter, they don't check. If you want any inbound connections, then you have to pay the dane-geld. Point final.

@trevdev Sounds like you're all set really. Any of us on here would be happy to test - and we're 24 TZ wide :-)

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