I've taken for a spin since they released ST4. I have got to say I am impressed. My enthusiasm for sublime hails back to a time before I was so concerned about using open source software.

Now that it competes with VSCode in a real way, I'm contemplating maybe twisting my arm and updating my license. Both ST4 and Sublime Merge are great tools so far.

What are your thoughts?


@trevdev Text and Merge are my tools of choice. Text has outstanding startup time and a vast range of plugins. Merge has never let me down. While Sourcetree oftentimes crashed for “no reason”. Fork and Tower struggled with large repository and resources.

Similar key binding, themes, commands are also a big plus.


@icanswiftabit I've been a CLI nut for ages so I'm used to that interface. I've been giving Merge a try too and finding solutions in there is easier than remembering CLI options. Impressed

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