My wife loves Instagram. It's her only social media. She has a private account. Like her, many of her friends have left facebook, but many still cling to their instagram.

I made a private account and only followed a handful of people. It didn't take long for it's algorithm to basically abuse me. As I was about to delete again, I found this little gem.

Abuse free Instagram:

No tracking, no ads, no suggested content. Just the people I follow.


You can't post with this app, but I don't care. If we can't tear down facebook, we can at least make it accessible

@trevdev there's irony in leaving Facebook to find refuge in Instagram (referring to your wife and friends, you seem well aware of the situation).

@jwkicklighter my wife is very aware. So are most of our mutuals. For many of them it didn't come down to privacy as much as it came down to toxic interactions with "friends".

They also follow an overwhelming amount of counter-content which trains the bad stuff away from their feeds. I just want to follow them and not be bothered by much else.

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