@trevdev Oh hey, Odysee. Is that the new thing by the Lbry people?

@grainloom Not all that new, but it is a different front end for LBRY. Same service, more "approachable" interface for normies, so they say.

@trevdev Ah. So it has the same issues then. Guess I'll keep avoiding it.

@trevdev Blergh, can't find my old post. The gist of it:
-at least alt lite devs
-last time i used it (few months ago) it immediately blasted me with recommendation from alt right conspiracy peddlers.
-apparently no plans to do anything about that, or moderation in general.
-blockchain. just use torrents for distribution, smh.

That's pretty much it. I'll just stick with Peertube. That even has live stream support and its recommendations don't remind me of the worst of Youtube. :blobuwu:

@grainloom Is it that they curate alt-lite/right content or do they simply have an overwhelming amount of that content in chronological order?

Either way, I see how that's a problem. I'd like to find a peertube instance that works well without having to host one myself.

@trevdev I think they posted some "all lives matter" type of thing and some Trump support around the elections, but I don't wanna dig back to find it.
I'm not sure how their curation algorithm works, but it's doing a bad job. And honestly why even have a curation algorithm.

What type of content do you wanna post / watch?
I went through joinpeertube.org/instances when I was looking for a place to stream my Blender stuff.
Some good instances I know off the top of my head are conf.tube , diode.zone and video.hackers.town

@trevdev To clarify:
Some automated curation is nice, but there is no way they can use a single one for an entire platform.
On Peertube it's better because you get recommendation from the instance, so communities can define their own rules for curation and moderation.

@grainloom I'll check those out!

I was under the impression that LBRY organized categorical content and combined that with an "all things" feed and that there was no "decision making algorithm". I just choose to ignore/disregard or even poke holes in the misguided way of thinking. I get some pleasure out of planting the seeds of better ideas and compassion where it's needed.

I'll stop there before I start to sound too gross and look at those instances.

@trevdev Yeah, it's not the kind of algorithm one thinks of when talking about Youtube. I admire the underlying idea of free speech, but it is easy to exploit if there is no moderation.

@grainloom Other humans being easy to exploit? Never heard of such a thing. Communities with guidelines are a healthy and necessary thing. Free speech isn't easy, nor is it really all that "free", there are consequences and they are costly.

@grainloom I am, of course, being sarcastic in the first two sentences.

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