Just realized mask enforcement is largely because yelling "cover your fucking mouth" when someone sneezes never seems to be enough.

I've seen plenty of people pull down their mask to sneeze.

I am not a big fan of masks. Many people do use them properly, but most do not. Most people use masks in a way that offers no protection, and worse, a false sense of security. Masks have turned into a political statement. I use one when appropriate, but I'm not going to walk alone in the park with one, and for sure not going to put one on my avatar.

@yisraeldov Common sense is a super power and most people don't have it. That's why we're told to wear one everywhere we go. I disagree, some sort of barrier capable of catching droplets is better than spraying all over the place. As for the political shit, yeah, there's that too. But my priorities lie with not infecting my family.

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