Feeling a little weird about the way I'm using functional programming whilst dealing with object storage.

A lot of what I've learned/practiced deals with data in the form of arrays.

In the context of my current project, I built it over a year ago using Objects and iterating over objects using loops.

Coming at it now I haven't changed the data as the API that I interact with appreciates Objects...but now I restructure objects into arrays a lot to preform functions on the data. [1/2]

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I feel like my code wasn't pretty to begin with, but I'm sure this isn't much better.

Especially when objects need to be organized in a specific *order* to be restructured into arrays and consumed in a specific way.

From a readability standpoint, yes, I have many module methods that I can (and have) reused but I do feel like the number of loops/iterations have gone up. The code base is definitely larger, too.

I feel an ugly pull to go back on much refactoring and it sucks. I won't though, don't have time

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