Guido van Rossum has joined Microsoft and fully endorses their open-source efforts. This is a real shaker for me. Could it be that the "new Microsoft" is real? This is exciting news.

@trevdev on torn on the matter, but either way, i think it's too early to tell

@trevdev wowza. the cynical part of me says they want control over the python data/ml ecosystem, but he probably wouldn't have joined if it was too obviously a power grab. hopefully they just let him work on whatever he wants.

It seems like MS is determined to own all the garbage languages. First NPM now python.

@yisraeldov Hahaha woooooow buddy. Sorry to disappoint but employing Guido does not mean owning Python. He hasn't been the BDFL for a couple of years now.

@yisraeldov Also owning NPM does not mean owning NodeJS, or JavaScript for that matter.

Doesn't it though? Can you seriously use Javascript without npm?

@yisraeldov You absolutely can. While I prefer my nice little ES6 tooling, I write normal browser compatible JS for work all the time.

@trevdev I wouldn't put much into this endorsement. Microsoft is known for creating really good conditions for the select few (which is why we have C# and TypeScript, for example). But it has absolutely nothing to do with the general attitude of the company towards open source, or any other such grand thing.

@isagalaev I get why you feel that way but for the moment, Guido does not. I'd be curious to see what he does if you're right.

@trevdev That's put a damper on my already soggy day.

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