is no joke. I have successfully de-googled and removed the KaiOS store from my Nokia 2720 without breaking software updates. I don't expect to get any in Canada. I may jailbreak later, but for now, this is awesome.

@trevdev holy canoli. People are taking 70 buck burner phones, installing kaios on them and then selling on Amazon for 229.

@Shitlord It really took a while for me to navigate all of the options and I chose my purchase carefully. Depending on where you are authentic 8110's may be hard to find. They're already 2 years old and they're shilled with the "collector's" effect.

I chose the 2720 because I could get a reasonably priced authentic device shipped to me from within' Canada.

@Shitlord I *was* able to find what seemed like an authentic 8110, but it was shipped from the US. Given the season and the state of our pandemic, I didn't wanna wait forever for it or perhaps not get it at all. It was on eBay if that helps you.

@trevdev ah I see. I saw a lot of overpriced ones but there are some 70 USD options. Of course some comments complained of a line kn the screen of dead pixels.

@Shitlord The 8110 was their pilot attempt. Models after this one are more polished for sure.

You will also see a lot of complaints about hang-ups with pseudo-smart apps. These are never a problem if you don't intend to use them.

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