Day 2 of no smart phone. The world hasn't ended.

@gemlog I bet it is, but people absolutely need a way to reach me, so here we are.

@trevdev Every once in a while I consider buying a month on my sim card, but it doesn't happen that often. It's been several years now and ppl have always known I hate phones and prefer email.

@gemlog I find the quality of communication is often better if it's verbal or in person. I have had a harder time feeling well bonded to closer friends/family without that. Email is great for the wider personal circle as a whole for sharing once in a while.

@trevdev I'm not very good socially. I've been packing around beepers, pages and phones all my life for business though. Recently, I was packing THREE phones at the same time - supplied by others, of course. PITA.
Ironic for a guy who's only piece of college paper is for telcom, I know!
Email isn't good for emotions, which I'm not good at anyhow, but it does put everything down in writing and it is NOT intrusive, demanding your attention *this* *second* and breaking your concentration.

@gemlog Phone calls don't have to be intrusive either. If my phone rings and I can't answer, I don't. If the person on the other end needs to know why, I explain it later. If the phone keeps ringing, it must be an emergency, so I stop what I'm doing at that point.

That being said my darling mother made 8 points of contact yesterday (3 on telegram, 4 texts and a phone call with message) just to ask me what I was bringing for dinner. I though their house burned down for a second but she's just a little crazy

@trevdev :-) That gave me a chuckle! thanks. i needed one.

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