@trevdev I tried it some years back in python, but then I read it actually took *more cycles, so I dropped it as I was finding it difficult to understand anyhow.

@gemlog can be expensive especially in an oop oriented language

@trevdev So what is the attraction then? Or benefit I mean? Why bend my brain?
(brain already very bent anyhow!)

@gemlog fewer errors to debug, more reusable code, more readable code(?)*, far fewer unexpected side effects if done properly.

* not sure if how I'm doing it is more readable or not.

@trevdev That all may be. Really. I'm not arguing trev.
It was just bending my brain in a way it didn't want to go. Like with lisp, guile,scheme... It's just me.
"Doctor! It hurts when I go like that."
"So, don't go like that!"

@gemlog Fair enough. Maybe the next time I look at something like lisp it'll be less daunting for me.

There's a lot of typescript shit going on here, but if you can ignore it, you can see my most recent practice attempt here.

Specifically the `app` function that is the documented entry point. I used currying/partials there to make the entry point super tidy.

Can't say the same for the rest of the app as a whole but I'll get there.


@gemlog There's some higher-order function and closure shenanigans happening there, too.

Thanks for taking this time with me trev, I'll read it next.
It's interesting to me that you too find lisp-like stuff hard to read. Some other people like @MutoShack take to it like crazy.
It's like RPN or verb at the end different for me.
2, 3, +, 5
to the house going

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