The beauty (and hilarity) in blocking trackers and divorcing popular social media is that the advertisers don't know what to do with you.

I'm happily married, but all Google knows is that I'm in my mid 30s and watching a Joe Rogan video. Therefore, I MUST be single, right?

Fair, Google. Fair.

@trevdev I had a month where I was getting a lot of Muslim dating ads, which made me feel good about my efforts to confuse the tracking algorithms

@trevdev whenever I get emails from headhunters offering me a job as a ballet instructor I think, “my blockers are operating as intended”

@trevdev Google doesn't assume that, it is advertisers [using Google's ad network] who select audience based on various criteria.

I don't see any reason for advertisers of such [very probably] scammy “singles” sites to actually target audience, they just need any attention. So yeah, there you are, getting that ad.

@trevdev I get McDonalds, KFC and "beautiful conservative women" ads.

Not terribly far off...

Though I used to get advertized "silver foxes" back when I was on Facebook, which was a page full of "attractive" men in their 50's. Very very far off...

@trevdev Don't let Google know, though, otherwise you'll be training it to get to you.

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