How to get all the free speech defenders as far away from me as possible


Some of us just defend free speech and accept that there will always be people who we don't agree with. Not condoning white supremacy but shouldn't have to say so for fear of being brow beaten.


I suspect that Gargron isn't complaining about free speech so much as having acted in a way contrary to it, and now being flooded by free speech defenders.

A problem that he created for himself.

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@trevdev "Not condoning" it, but are you doing anything at all to oppose it?

Always. I just don't want to confuse free speech with hate speech.

@trevdev @WAHa_06x36 that therein is the problem: those who purvey hate speech hide behind its banner, its their most often trotted out defense bc bystanders will always rush to defend it

if you are to make the differentiation (which isnt even necessary, distraction tactic), you are placing the burden on yourself to oppose them and anyone defending them, as well as to "brow beat" (so to speak) folks from even adjacently defending free speech in context concurrently as it derails focus

@trevdev @WAHa_06x36 if i were to say, every time a literal nazi said something antisemitic so we went to ban and the discussion came up AGAIN (granted, in bad faith), "but free speech isnt so bad," its kind of obviously missing the point

any background into why mastodon even exists is light into what gargron meant by the original toot, which makes calling that behavior "brow beating" mildly dishonest on average, missing the point (until hopefully now) at best, or aiding and abetting at worst

@oletedstilts @WAHa_06x36
I don't think I missed the point. If anything, I understand the feeling. Going to a place of "aiding and abetting" and drawing the most negative possible conclusion is a great way to push people who might help make a difference out of the fold.

Also, I'm not accusing Gargron of brow beating with this toot, only that it might encourage those who would. The sort of people who will ensnare, flame and discourage any potential ally from giving a damn. The left needs to fight smarter.

@oletedstilts @WAHa_06x36

All of this being said though, it's been my opinion. "Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but you don't have to share it with everyone" - I could have cut Gargron a little slack. I admit I probably picked this "battle" poorly.

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