That sinking feeling when you've come so far with a static site build using pelican only to discover there's 's . Euuurrrghhh


I've used Nuxt, it's fantastic. Vuepress does markdown rendering out of the box though. I'll check out Gridsome.

@trevdev Gridsome is basically Gatsby for Vue, all the way down to the GraphQL data layer. Comes with markdown support because of that.

@jwkicklighter Nice! I'm no realizing that VuePress is still in alpha too, so I may want to look at that. Appreciate the tip.

@trevdev anytime! Leveluptuts has a good series on it if you're looking for a quick start, but I'm sure their docs are good too. Let me know what you think, I'm excited to give it a deep dive soon too!

@jwkicklighter I got about 5-10 minutes into learning something new and decided "frack it. I've learned a lot this week already, how can I get Vue into my Pelican setup with as little bloat as possible??" I cut out webpack. So good...

@trevdev with that said, maybe check out Parcel. It's like webpack but zero config

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