Day 66: shopping cart development, hoooo! Now that I understand what getters expect, things are moving along. Also looking at some distros to use in my next hop. Considering or . By all means, slog your opinions below.

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@trevdev I recommend . Redhat has been troublesome to me even before they got bought.

@trevdev fedora is nice thing I've been using for years, very nice and very stable, but now it is very questionable whether it is good idea to use it after Red Hat acquisition. Debian is good and stable, yet often outdated and requires a bit more effort to make things working

@trevdev I've been a kde guy since there was a kde. It's when I began installing linux for 'normal' people. Maybe not version 1.0, but I forget.
Everyone was happy with mint for many years, but mint dropped kde for some reason.
I thought kubuntu was an option, but... ppl hated it. Next, tried to go back to pclos, but... limited packages and it is only based on itself with some quirks.
Happy with KDE neon for months now. It's ubuntu tweaked for kde by... the kde ppl :-)

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