I think I'll give DuckDuckGo a "Go". I never considered how Google may be shaping how I learn when I search. Of course I knew they were spying on the searches, which really, is reason enough to try something else.

@trevdev I recently started using it and have been pleased, especially with its integration with stackoverflow.

I've been using it for a bit. There are some things that I'm having trouble adjusting to, like place searches not having an option to see a map, but that might just be me. Some of the results don't always seem as accurate, but I'm experimenting to see if that's a perceived issue or an actual data set issue.

I'm curious how you do with it as well.

@trevdev I am on DDG now for few months, the fact is this: when you search something detailed/technical etc google has a better result set. there are times I use google just to get the results I need, like a solution to a bug based on log entries for a specific version of SW etc.

Still I think the more folks use it, the better it will get at the end.

I've been using it for years now, and I was never let down, I always found more interesting with duckies than big brother search 😊

@trevdev I always use startpage. If I ever use google, youtube or any of its other sites, I immediately kill my browser and restart to flush cookies.
Just a half hour will show you how e.g. youtube will begin shaping searches and 'recommended for you' vids - also happens to google searches, of course.
If you let google do its thing, you will never learn anything new and old live in its ad-ridden echo chamber.
Of course, I also block all their ads as well :-)
Set browser to flush cookies on exit

@trevdev oops grammer, but I know you are clueful trev :-)
Experiment: go to youtube page. Just the main page.
Then flush cookies (or use a different browser) and do it again.
The cookie one will show you all the stuff you already know and stuff related to it.
The clean one will show you new stuff.
You are there to learn new things.
They are there to target ads: different goals.
So ad block and always reject 3rd party cookies too (you that already, just mentioning for others).

I have done that and it was pretty cool. I flush my cookies regularily now.

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