A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

@trevdev I don't do any of the others, but getting off gmail is hard.
I stopped running a (closed!) postfix relay in about 2005. Just too much spam. And even just sending mail is hard these days even with spf and dkim. I don't know what to do. I use zoho as well - just because it's not google, but it has the same business idea. And proton mail. there's also mailpile...

@gemlog @trevdev and are pretty good in my experience. They each cost 1 Euro per month, but I think it's worth the cost.

Hey @trevdev do you know of ?

Nice visualization by the way. Keep it up !

Awesome Thanks for pointing that out I hadn't looked them up 😁

@trevdev OK, I know "nobody ever reads the EULA", but this is too much! 😮

@trevdev just playing devil's advocate, a lot of these terms are just to prevent lawsuits that are obviously ridiculous. It is a problem, though, that they can hide unreasonable terms in with the mountain of reasonable terms. Maybe what we need is a system where the terms get compared against terms you've seen before and are fine with.

@trevdev they must know that few who use their platform never read all that. All of it is way too long.

@trevdev the current terms of use I have on my instance is "Divisive political arguments or explicit content will not be allowed on this network." Because when I made my instance I was trying to get away from all that on Facebook. Instagram was cool though. Mostly photos of cats and food. Well there's more than that, but it wasn't spammy with news articles and arguments.

@aarongarcia I did not enjoy Instagram the last go I had at it. It's now Facebook owned and aggressively attempts to hold my attention with misguided interests. If you don't give the AI much to go on by re-training it, the defaults are pretty bad. I just wanted to follow a handful of people I knew, it wasn't worth it.

@trevdev Facebook ruined Instagram, but Instagram as a concept was great in my opinion. I love posting photos. I don't always love posting descriptions on them though. There are times I want to write, like on here, and there are times when I just want to share a photo. And there are times I want to do both. I wish there was a platform that did all that. Facebook kind of does, but has become a news article spam zone. It's not as cool as it was in 2007 when I first joined.

@aarongarcia nothing is as cool as it was before advertiser monetization, or before Facebook managed to convince the unwashed masses that being "genuine and open to sharing your every detail" online was best for "connecting the world". It certainly connects us but at the cost of being abused.

Check out pixelfed - you may like it.

@aarongarcia also check out Piwigo for a more private photography sharing website that's kinda smugmuggy.

@trevdev I want to launch my own instance of PixelFed. But it's still in version 1 so it can break easily. I'm very excited for PixelFed.

@aarongarcia me too. Though hosting any modern ActivityPub instance takes more than I'm willing to buy right now, they're not so far out of budget that I can't do it later. I like Piwigo as it runs on a shared server with PHP and MySQL

@trevdev I'm hosting as my instance of Mastodon it's only been a few months and though it's inexpensive, I have thought several times about cutting it. But if I want it to grow I'll need to keep it longterm. Right now Mastodon is the most polished social networking software I've come across. I love the UI. I just want it to do more. I'd like groups, I'd like more customization.

@aarongarcia That's awesome. I've just been throwing money at my admin and contributing code. Running an instance is also technical and social overhead. I prefer to keep those kinds of overhead manageable. Good on you for contributing to the Fediverse! The more instances the better.

@trevdev I enjoy building on a macro scale. Software like Mastodon helps me role out my vision quickly. I literally decided 20 minutes before leaving to my day job to buy this domain and get Mastodon up and running. It was awesome. But I would like to tweak it. I'd like to change "TOOT!" to "TACO!" to go with my San Antonio theme. San Antonio is a city in Texas, USA. I forgot to ask where you're from. We like tacos here and I thought it would be funny. I also want to change the colors.

@aarongarcia Vancouver Island, off the west coast of BC, Canada. We also like tacos

@aarongarcia you have a repository I can fork somewhere? This sounds amusing

@trevdev not yet. I just edited the button in HTML for illustration purposes; it’s not in the production site. I would like it to be though. I want the theme colors to be these after the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. The Spurs now use silver and black but before the change they had green, pink, and orange. I guess to symbolize #fiesta a local holiday.

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