A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

This toot is now exploding (thanks @ashfurrow for the boost!)

I got a lovely complement from @mh8 as well, which brought to my attention that people may think I created the example in the images, or the images themselves. I cannot take credit for either.

When I had found them, I had no idea who the credit should go to but felt the message resonated with me. I am now able to credit the person who made this exhibit/example.

Please be sure to check him out.

@trevdev I don't do any of the others, but getting off gmail is hard.
I stopped running a (closed!) postfix relay in about 2005. Just too much spam. And even just sending mail is hard these days even with spf and dkim. I don't know what to do. I use zoho as well - just because it's not google, but it has the same business idea. And proton mail. there's also mailpile...

@gemlog @trevdev for a private mail server run something like iredmail and you should be fine. mails definitely should be stored local and not on 3rd party.

@kmj @trevdev iredmail : i will read about this later today. I stopped letting postfix be a (closed!) relay in about 2005, because too much spam to deal with. Beysian filtering is a good thing IF you have enough data. I gave up.

@gemlog It's a surprisingly uphill battle to de-google for sure after 10+ years of them working hard to make themselves a standard for a lot of things. My latest conundrum : What to use instead of Google Maps?

Sure, I can use a normal map, but why not see if free software maps have evolved too?

That's a tuff one.
One day years ago i went to a client and he was all excited about a job from the haisla nation. But i recognized the imagery and knew it was from keyhole that google had just bought and made 'free'.
OSM is great, but limited for satellite :-(
I don't know what to do about that. Crowd-sourced sat ?? Not many options.

@gemlog @trevdev and are pretty good in my experience. They each cost 1 Euro per month, but I think it's worth the cost.

@nutomic @gemlog

I feel like paying for mail service to avoid being the product instead of buying the product to be worth it as well. Especially if it also offers good, reliable and people powered service. Currently paying for ProtonMail.

@trevdev @nutomic I have proton up in another tab too.
Just playing around so far. The only other person i know on proton is a decades-long gpg penpal in new zealand, so it's a previously solved problem for us two in the first place.

Hey @trevdev do you know of ?

Nice visualization by the way. Keep it up !

Awesome Thanks for pointing that out I hadn't looked them up 😁

@trevdev OK, I know "nobody ever reads the EULA", but this is too much! 😮

Lol. We should have the same comparisons for laws.

Hah, just like laws, no one explains them to us clearly but we're still accountable for following them.


I think that they make the laws complicated on purpose these days. Also If we had judges that followed the SPIRIT of the law vs the letter of the law, thing might be a lot different. Perhaps even better? 🤔

@trevdev just playing devil's advocate, a lot of these terms are just to prevent lawsuits that are obviously ridiculous. It is a problem, though, that they can hide unreasonable terms in with the mountain of reasonable terms. Maybe what we need is a system where the terms get compared against terms you've seen before and are fine with.

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