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I think I have enough of a personal following to move some of my more "personal" toots away from public timelines. This is great! I'll still share on the public local stream/fediverse. Especially if it's relevant to my local instance, funny or important/informative.

If you want to see the "other stuff" - go ahead and click the follow button.

Stay awesome and have a lovely day! 👍

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A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

Everyone talking about the next big AAA title, but I respect the classics

if you told me "the thing that will normalize working from home to any degree will be a plague" 2 years ago, I'd look at you weird
and yet here we are

DnD character concept: dwarf macho man randy savage

So I'm on vacation, which has basically been road trip to and back. We're on the way back now. I've really enjoyed being off grid, fishing, sunshine (and burn), and some really wacky supermarkets signage. Have a giggle.

I know I've been down this road before, but this time, I think it's actually gonna work out.

Want completions in neo() that are comparable to VSCode that are almost as easy to configure as ?

Look no further than Conquer of Completion (CoC)(or Cock because we're 12)

I kid you not this shit has been great so far. My support in Vim has never been better.

Couldn't agree on a trivial decision with my wife. So we decided to roll a contest of IQ to decide who gets to persuade the other. I won!

Maybe I should take a break from GURPS? Nah...

coronavirus, masks, dark humor 

Arizona vintage store ain't playing.


Steps to save your code:

1) clone locally and keep it somewhere findable/your personal archive
2) deposit a copy in Software Heritage with this form:
3) deposit a copy in Zenodo ( or use the Open Science Framework's ( integration with Bitbucket to drag and drop the files into OSF storage (or GL or GH) for persistence

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