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A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

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Want your legacy GTK apps to match dark mode on Fedora 36? Install Tweaks and change Legacy Applications to "Adwaita-dark" in the Appearance tab.

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"I love you in my home, my heart and my Emacs." :emacs:

I solicited a small business via email to see if they could help me. They got me started via email, then asked me to message them via Discord if I wanted to keep going.

Great, more motivation to resent Discord.

Someone asked me if I was religious today. My response was "Yes, well kinda. Most of my gods are dead assholes".

Ten points if you can figure out what that means.

Aww man. This means that in order to SUPER+SHIFT+[1-5] I have to use my right shift key. I am right handed, but I am not used to chording with 2 hands - even after using Emacs for so long.

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My left thumb is getting sore at the joint pretty much daily.

It's not terrible, or crippling, but it's a sign that I need to stop hitting the SUPER key with my thumb.

It's not easy to re-write muscle memory to fold my ring finger instead.

I met a new Internet friend in the Reddit dumpster fire who seems pretty interested in the nim programming language.

Nim, like rust, is strongly typed, compiled and suitable for embedding. The big difference for me is that its syntactically comparable to Python and my roots for the back-end start there.

Nim also compiles to JavaScript...which means it _could_ be a practical thing to learn.

Has anyone got any experiences to share?

So I asked Bitwarden what was up, this was their response. The accountability is nice :)

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Bitwarden is being outed by duckduckgo on my phone. Have you tried duckduckgo privacy browser on android? It has a "vpn" layer that intercepts tracking.

I made a Timewarrior report script that will consolidate projects, summarize time spent and calculate a billable amount for reporting or invoicing.

It's influenced by the kind of clock-tables you can make in org-mode.

If you enjoy using Taskwarrior and/or Timewarrior, check it out!

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No, it's not that new generations have more gay and trans folks because of "left propaganda" or whatever. There were always that many of them. It's just that these days they are less afraid of admitting it for fear of being fired, ostracized, beaten or murdered.

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If you look at my emacs config commit history, it looks like a constant battle between good and evil.

This is the cursed side of my ADHD

Somebody help me I am getting sucked back into (Neo)Vim. Why is it so fast? Why is the LSP support so much more snappy? Why is Lua so gosh dang easy to learn as opposed to elisp?

All I am missing is org-mode with Neovim. Not a single plugin compares. I could cobble together Taskwarrior, Timewarrior and VimWiki with TaskWiki together and only barely cover my essentials here.

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#2603 Childhood Toys 

The rope keeps breaking, I'm covered in bruises and scrapes, and I've barely reached the end of my driveway, but I don't care--I'm determined to become the first person to commute to work by tetherball.

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Chronological and reverse chronological are basically the only algorithms I need for news feeds and social timelines. Anything beyond that is suspect.

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Tired: Clicking 500 checkboxes to import music to Tidal from Spotify

Wired: Using JavaScript in the dev console to iterate clicking checkboxes so I don't have to pay for the service to speed this up.

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