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I've decided to share my "tweets" here. If you find this spammy, be sure to filter them out in your timeline. I will always use the 100DaysOfCode hashtag.

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I think I have enough of a personal following to move some of my more "personal" toots away from public timelines. This is great! I'll still share on the public local stream/fediverse. Especially if it's relevant to my local instance, funny or important/informative.

If you want to see the "other stuff" - go ahead and click the follow button.

Stay awesome and have a lovely day! 👍

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A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

Heard on the news that Notre Dame is receiving a billion dollars for restoration from supporters all over the place.

It's good to know that given all the tragedies we humans deal with that we've got our priorities straight.

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Your daily data leak:

"540 million Facebook users' data exposed by third party developers"

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You don't own anything on a streaming platform and they can close down or lose copyright to specific songs any time, which is why I buy CDs for stuff that I really like

Find yourself the person who will spend the extra bucks to support the tux at

My lady is the best. Love my Python T-Shirt and Arch mug

That moment when you're like "wow, this person toots like a lot!" Then you realize you're on their profile, not your follow timeline 😂

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#Carnet is a free open alternative to Google Keep. It includes text, images, audio, todo lists and syncing features.

It's currently available for Android (on Google Play and F-Droid), Linux, and NextCloud.

You can follow it here:


You can find out more and contribute on its git page:

The lead developer is here:


#GoogleKeep #Alternatives

Just discovered MASTER BOOT RECORD today. Unleash the sound of a thousand angry floppy drives:

When there's something strange in your neighbourhood...

On my 25th birthday: "Let's get wasted with as many friends as I can cram into my apartment and play video games until the small hours of the morning"

On my 35th birthday: "Let's make a nice breakfast, take the dog for a peaceful walk while everyone's at work, eat smoked meats and cheeses, gawk at kitchen supplies and settle in for a nice, cozy night."

I think I'm aging well.

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Why is it, when the majority of the last 4 days I've spent my time cleaning, restoring and consulting on compromised WordPress websites, that I still get push back on using solutions that don't involve more plugins?

I tried the "smart" watch thing once. A fitbit specifically. It's now collecting dust. :P

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American tech companies are quietly working with the FBI on "solutions" to end-to-end encryption, @gizmodo reports. There is no such thing as an encryption backdoor that only lets in the good guys.

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Blin it is good!

Have some things I learned to try for next time but the flavour is nice. Kind of like a lemony light beer.

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