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A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

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If packaging a Rust thing for Guix is this much of a gosh dang headache I can see why NPM will never be feature-complete in the Guix package repository.

If a package on your system has info support, it will also be in this interface. Because I use Guix, I can go `C-h i g (guix)` and get access to all the Guix related goodness offline :) Other examples on my system include tar, nano, wget and more.

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Another fun thing I learned about this week is that so many of the help documents that I read online are already built into the Emacs info system. Now that I've de-mystified how to use the thing I feel the need to look up documentation far less.

Try using `C-h i` to get into the info and press `C-h m` for mode info. You'll get a list of possible keybinds.

My advice, and the advice of many others, is to type `g` for "goto" then the topic in parens. Example: `C-h i g (elisp)` for config concepts

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@gemlog: i think the "i don't have something to hide" argument not only isn't true, i think it is a very privileged, egocentric perspective. Of course, if you're part of most majorities you have the luxury to blend with most people into data insignificance. But once you expand your perspective, you should see that people who are part of any kind of minority or do have specific conditions like medical ones, some gender, sexuality, class, race.. do depend on having their data protected.

I managed to get my Emacs init to complete in under 1 second without the help of a DSL such as use-package.

All I had to do was avoid bootstrapping package.el and install my packages some other way. One could do this with the popular straight.el package. Since I am using Guix, I decided to install my elisp packages that way.

The rest was just avoiding the use of (require) during the init phase.

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📺 Still streaming live from Paris, France: Ten Years of Guix.

Saturday: Hacking (with) Guix

«Saturday is for Guix and free software enthusiasts, users and developers alike. We will reflect on ten years of Guix, show what it has to offer, and present on-going developments and future directions.»

Check out the program:

#gnu #guix #Guix10Years #android

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I upgraded my Guix System yesterday and noticed there was a new GNOME version 42.4 🙂

Also noticed that Adwaita's dark theme, which I had set in GNOME Tweaks before, didn't have any effect after the upgrade; every app I launched was shown using the light theme instead.

But it turns out you can now set the theme from GNOME Settings → Appearance.

(I found a little Guix bug 🐛 too 😅)

#gnu #guix #gnome

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A member of my community ( Steve Pixus has released an album of slapping uplifting trance tunes - all made with libre software! Summer is technically still here so don't let it slide :D
#music #Trancwolve #Trance #Bass #UpliftingTrance #FediMusic #Playlist #FOSSmusic #LMMS

TIL: You can intentionally add a (debug) function in your elisp code to cause a stack trace. If you do this, the variables and functions that are in-scope around that debug call will be available to eval! You can proceed to tweak and update things and double-check results before removing the debug.

Between stuff like this and live REPLS, Lisp did "intellisense" before it was cool.

StumpWM: The Final Frontier.

The LISPening is complete. It started with Emacs, spread to my system with Guix, then I found Nyxt browser and now...StumpWM.

All major corners of my computing world - LISP'd. Is this my final form?

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"None of this would be possible without Guix, and the (occasionally reluctant) support from my awesome friends and family. So thank you. It wasn't for nothing. Rather the opposite." A refreshing article about GNU #Guix development:

"Free software must not be a mere alternative to proprietary code. It must incentivize a shift in attitude towards autonomy; towards self-rule.

We should strive to educate the user through the design of the program so that they can use what is offered to them in a way that makes sense for them and not just the developer or the provider of the software."

Protesilaos Stavrou

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In July, we tried out using our Hack & Craft sessions as a user group and @cwebber gave a beginner workshop on Scheme!

If you weren't there for one of the live workshops, we just released the recording!



The Scheme Primer that @cwebber wrote for @spritelyinst is a great reference guide for the workshops if you want to follow along:

I just realized for the first time that I *do not* have to use the #+TITLE: tag in my org-roam files.

A headline is just fine, so long as the ID is in the drawer.

I don't always want atomic notes. Sometimes I just want to collect in one file.

With the idea of being able to create nodes from multiple file entries and still get the visual lay of the land with backlinks, my interest in Roam is re-ignited.

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