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This is officially the trippiest video I've seen this year. A music clip for the Max Cooper track 'Exotic Contents', digital artist Xander Steenbrugge made it by feeding slivers of Wittgenstein to a machine learning algorithm:

#video #MusicVideo #animation #MachineLearning #Wittgenstein #MaxCooper #XanderSteenbrugge #Exotic Contents

the pc machine keeps restarting by itself randomly every few hours more or less. like pressing a hard reset button. how to check hardware and where to start? it's a recent Ubuntu #Linux system.

#help plz boost :boost_anim_vanilla:

any favorite nextcloud alternatives? Been thinking about setting it up again but hesitant about all the bloat

finally got my @matrix server migrated and up and running 💃

Anyone using dendrite these days?

hey! I wrote a pretty thorough guide on making really good kombucha. I figured after 46 batches it would be cool to share what I've learned.

Making delicious kombucha is easy, cheap, and anyone can do it. You can make it just the way you want it. And there's nothing like enjoying your own homebrew!

Boosts appreciated :blobcat_love:

super stoked to have been a part of the 10 year anniversary marathon. So many unbelievable performances. Here's mine using

Never knew the live coding scene was so strong in the fediverse! Excited for it to be pulling me back to mastodon

#jamuary no. 19 - lofi algorithmic beats to relax/study to

Drums: Volca Drum
Pad 1: Korg M1 custom patch
Pad 2: Nord Electro 2
Bass: Volca Keys
Recording of loons during a light rain: microcassette recorder/player

Sequenced by #tidalcycles

These people actually know the name of their dentist?

🚀 Synapse 1.37.1 is out and includes important mitigations against for the recent spam attacks across the public Matrix network. Server administrators are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Read more about this release on the Matrix Blog:

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