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Marriage is bad for kids.
As an institution meant to protect the family, it fails. The alternative to marriage is not single parents. The alternative is a village. It takes a village to raise a child. Every parent considers that saying, and, overwhelmed, drowning in stress, and severely lacking time to spend with their kids, asks, "Where's the fucking village??"
Every. Parent.
How do we, as a society, take a step towards building villages?

TIL all security camera products suck. Even/especially the expensive ones.

one vote makes a two party system. support ranked choice voting so that divisive candidates won't thrive in a divisive system. 🇺🇲

winning against lies and hatred is a nice first step but we need to remember: Trump is a product of the two-party system. Two parties makes a divisive system in which divisive candidates thrive! support ranked choice voting!

40 second pre-edited "Election 2020: IT'S OVER! Sam & Friends Celebrate the End of This Election | Full Frontal on TBS" on YouTube

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for the foreseeable future please send me every single trump supporter meltdown tweet you see. i wish to Lavish in them.

so values and integrity really matter in US politics! 🇺🇲
I don't have to be ashamed to be an American.

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capitalism IS the quantification of value. if you have doubts about capitalism, you should be thinking how to avoid valuation of your deeds and possessions, and how to give and get without ever tracking numbers.
So long as a number can be put on something, it will be exchanged, taxed, and required as payment for debts.
We are invaluable. We are not our net worth.

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@alcinnz @travisfw @dublinux @sir This is where Stallman (controversial I know) is right inn being annoying, if you go browse a site with firefox with no-script installed and this site shows you a blank page most users would say no-script makes the web unusable (heard it on a podcast one time) but the correct action would be to notify the author that their page is broken, because it is... a website should be written in HTML according to W3C and everything is else is adidtional!

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is a reaction to http2? http was/is pretty simple. what is there to gain? also, http was never meant to be "the web". that's hypermedia, which was designed from the start to be multi-protocol.

I couldn't add the fifth option "my opinion doesn't matter"

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What do gig workers like Uber and Lyft drivers actually think about California's prop 22?? seems like I'm only hearing from newspapers, political parties, unions, and, of course, the corporations. But the workers are the only opinions I really care about! Are you a gig worker?

humanity needs a central nervous system. everyone should know what they need to know without having to search. everyone should be able to say what needs to be said to who needs to hear it, without first having to become an influencer or getting linked in.

I do think, however, they didn't really need those hyphens.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a visual delight, also well written and well acted, truly fun, and, while pushing the boundaries of spiderhood, orbited, maybe worshiped, the essence of Spider Man, reminding this humble viewer what to love. The art itself is a righteous achievement, with cmy print artifacts and halftone dithering prominently talking to the viewer throughout.

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All source code of abandoned software should be open sourced. Manufacturers should be forced to do so on the end of service date.

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