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join me at the book event hosted by the internet archive (online) Subprime Attention Crisis: A New Book by Tim Hwang: Tickets, Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

I was introduced to in-practice through Noisebridge. Anyone else appreciate Anarchist ideologies?

Trump said he feels better than he has for 20 years. It's because he's on steroids (dexamethasone). Idiot.

anyone looking at the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold? I'm not sure how practical it would be for serious technical work, and I'm dubious on running Fedora on it, but it's the kind of technical step forward that I love to see in hardware. It's basically a folding screen. The one personal device that *should* be fully capable of doing everything a computer should do.

really interesting look at the societal effects of the bubonic plague by Planet Money. they say income rarely or never saw a more stark improvement!

@gdroid better sorting and searching than F-Droid itself, and it enables comments like this, so it's got than going for it, which is nice, but a bit crashy and hasn't seen an update for a while.

damn I totes would have attended but i'm just out of touch I guess

someday historians will tell our children how bad we had it in our time that we had to poison ourselves every day with mild neurotoxins just to stimulate ourselves to push through another 8-12 hours of societal demands.

turns out there's a scheme for spacial subdivision in the alternated cubic honeycomb. tetrahedra subdivide into four tetrahedra and an octahedron; octahedra subdivide into six octahedra and eight tetrahedra. At any level of subdivision, all faces are exactly the same size equilateral triangles.
I think this is what matters for a relatively organic voxel system (relative to cube voxels).

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How do we chip away at the cult of productivity? How do we make being busy less of a status symbol? How can I teach my little kids to make time for themselves every day, instead of packing their calendar, while I, myself, am sleep deprived and running behind schedule?

Turns out that what I was visualizing is an "alternated cubic honeycomb" which involves octahedra and two different orientations of tetrahedra. I still think this is probably the most organic way to approach a voxel system from the perspective of triangles and resolution.

I'd love to hear someone talk about the potentiality of moving beyond apps. No web apps. No phone apps. If the identity and database are managed at the edges: locally, by individuals; it becomes possible. And control over large networks would become much more difficult to acquire.

"[we have to] learn to behave in ways that are pragmatic. We have to start thinking of humans as being these special, magical entities—we have to mystify ourselves because it’s the only way to look after ourselves given how good we’re getting at technology." –Jaron Lanier on Humanism

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As a reminder, it's not enough for them to delay the confirmation until after the election, it must be delayed until after the inauguration!

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Anybody watched and/or discussing The Social Dilemma? (Documentary on Netflix about social media). Seems like prob just a synopsis of what everyone knows, but I'm just 15% in and I feel like I have to watch it because certain people are hosting events specifically for discussing

I have been considering writing an app with the purpose of connecting the fediverse based on dimensional proximity. Similar hashtags, near geo tags, same events mentioned, etc. (I'm working on a list of dimensions.) I want to minimize list management, and develop an experience of physical proximity.

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