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When I'm reading, I shouldn't have to wonder what the page I'm reading is doing. Let's make it impossible to misbehave on the .

don't serve anyone well except Apple and Google. We can look forward to a free/libre where you don't have to install shit and submit to spam and fees.

What's wrong with the ? It's embedded, it breaks, it runs on someone else's computer, and it's ugly. needs beautiful hyperlinks that live inbetween documents, live as long as they are used, and are free/libre!

The is what makes the old web great. needs to make it greater.

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There's been some progress in producing actual free software builds of the Android SDK. We'll need some help tp bring it over the finish line:

unix time in hexadecimal just rolled over to 5C000000 about 14000 seconds ago (3700 seconds in hex).

2nd best aspect of having beets for breakfast: you piss roses.

My semicolon key is borked. This has suddenly become a significant factor driving my adoption of .

Dug out a peripheral optical drive, and a newer USB adapter, to rip a CD I couldn't otherwise download the music from. First rip in years. Will it be the last?

My Ōura ring has been underwhelming the first week, not recognizing that I slept three days. But, I gotta say, just the fact that they made a round computer that works is pretty awesome. Computers have always been boxes, and circuit boards have always been flat. But people are round, so wearables need to be round too. This is the beginning of a wave.

I wish this were a bigger surprise… WSU researchers see new plastics causing reproductive woes of old plastics — Washington State University:

Selling these UltraSport 700x25 bike tires for $10.0 on OfferUp

I consider the line between fruit leather and candy vanishingly thin. I just dehydrated some baby food, and in no way does it defy resemblance to fruit leather. So… I guess I've been feeding my daughter concentrated sugar.

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