@deshipu @travisfw obvious means it shouldn't be patented. Copyright applies no matter how obvious. But I see what you mean, that just letting people look may not require any licensing.

@deshipu makes sense for non-technical, non-legal audiences. Can't skirt the issue forever, though. This is why github is so confusing. Everything (browsable) on github is public, but much (most?) isn't technically legal to use because authors never chose a license.

@rixx a very well written quick read. heated up my laptop with all those high fps interactive illustrations though. Not to complain.

Where is the conversation on alive, other than technology-specific communities?

@ashfurrow I dream of a time when it's possible to communicate entirely over short-distance tech like bluetooth and wifi (however slowly). solutions (delay tolerant networking) like work towards that potentiality.

@ashfurrow Computers? No... this is cell technology. Are you positing that the tech industry set up an inexorable path to an anticompetitive telecom industry? Anyway, yes this is bad.

Anyone talking about decentralized back-end? Like maybe . Functions could usually run locally. Seems like a good abstraction to make work for the .

@AskChip that's interesting. My point is mainly that we have another hundred years or two at the current rate of progress before I would stop calling medicine 'primitive'. That said, I'm extremely grateful for modern immunology, and soap.

@deshipu oh hi. I used Hatta for many years. Thanks for that.

The web didn't model apps. Webapps were a hack, and the beginning of siloization. To fix, the needs to separate what the user does from how, so that how becomes a choice, no matter what.

Writing Python for the , you shouldn't import antigravity. The user could add antigravity to your function if they need it.

Free people have choice. The new must gather potentiality and sort best options. Attention is currency. Manage your budget.

To be free, we need high level building blocks anyone can compose programs with. Take a lesson from shell scripting, but level it up with the .

Everything closed is dead. If I can't open and fix it, I can be sure it will eventually break, if not already. Let's free ourselves with the with succinct, legible code, or nil.

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