@jackbaty CFOs depend on you to make their models profitable

I mean, on the rest of the web. SO job postings are actually relatively good.

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@caymanwent I can't say such a thing targets me at all, but it's a super interesting idea I'd boost.

@Wimpy the kind of question that reminds me not to try to use rPi for general purpose computing...

We need stack overflow mods to take down all the bad job postings.

a yikes marketing email (racism) 

@mcmoots @stitchandsew you got me. my screen is night shifted and I like the icon. and I grew up with an ultra ethical father and have had to rein in my superego along multiple dimensions to degrees most people probably can't imagine, so I advocate for not letting the voice of judgment needlessly hinder your best intentions.

a yikes marketing email (racism) 

@stitchandsew @mcmoots look Grover was one of the best things in my childhood. and I'm not trying to be antagonistic. just funny. sounds like you think I failed on both counts.

a yikes marketing email (racism) 

@mcmoots what, is it like racism bait? "c'mon. click it. you know you're racist. I won't tell." no. i don't see any implication of exclusion for non-medical reasons. help people you can help. that's what equality is. and put your superego on a leash.

a yikes marketing email (racism) 

@mcmoots you mean, your fellow blue furry monsters with googly eyes?

a yikes marketing email (racism) 

@mcmoots "members like you" implies racism sure. but you're saying it's a mailmerge template. everyone probably got it, regardless of ethnicity, right? there are medical reasons why you'd match people with similar heredity, right? so what? am I over sensitive to oversensitivity?

a yikes marketing email (racism) 

@mcmoots it's not in the slightest racist to donate to people you can help. you're trying too hard.

@twitter due to the specificity of the complaint, my best conjecture is that your illusion that all software doesn't suck has broken down. I recommend you carry on. You'll get used to it soon and we can get that illusion back up and running for you.

@sheix daw. is cutes. what is it? we don't have them in California/USA.

@yakkoj yeah yaml is like xml like that. you really should never edit it with a text editor. I'm not aware of a yaml editor that stops one from fing it up.

via npr: WindowSwap just gave me a little sense of travel. 🤎 window-swap.com/

@rumblestiltskin interesting. maybe if your client caches the XML a good generic desktop search function could get you 90% there.

@rumblestiltskin I use AntennaPod and it has a search function that searches the descriptions as well as titles.

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