@62 cool. For even faster JavaScript, don't use JavaScript.

@conservancy I sometimes dream of an app market, fully Librè, with subscription access supporting development on all apps and, of course, the market itself. Is that a model you've heard discussed before?

@uxintro @ChrisWere ah! As an exercise bordering on masochism, it makes sense!

@uxintro @ChrisWere why on Earth would you do this? I hand coded a simple site for years. It was a waste of time.

@jlamasfripp aye there's the rub. For in this sleep of REST what mails may come, must give us pause.

@XuZiShun they can also be manipulated a little too easily most of the time.

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@travisfw The ability to set some toots as private is a nice upgrade from Twitter's "everything is always public" thing.

@jhthenerd well congrats, but what kind of control are you looking for?

yesterday I found myself quacking for a surveillance van toy for my toddler. (no results.) treehouses and cars are boring. how about stimulating parents' imaginations for co-play?

I am not a fan of the columnar mastodon web interface. Would like a url for just federated timeline, for instance.

@news@fed.ubos.net I'm seeing:
"503 Remote SSL certificate could not be verified"
when I type in your handle in the mastodon.technology search box

@neekz0r @danielhglus I'm sure you could, and I'd gladly learn. Anyhow, xkcd is right, those colleagues may not deserve shaming, but whoever wrote the curriculum they learned from definitely does.

@danielhglus if they're in tech they deserve a little shaming. If not, they may not deserve it, but shame them anyway.

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Futuristic office composed of a typewriter, television screens, a video recorder and a photocopier, Germany 1969 wilwheaton.tumblr.com/post/186

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#dwebcamp morning after.

Apparently the revolution will be powered by tea.

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