unix time in hexadecimal just rolled over to 5D000000 about 12400 seconds ago (3000 seconds in hex).

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@travisfw It is pretty nice, isn't it! It's a new custom made font for Red Hat but it's (naturally) open source and freely available! You can find the font on Github @ github.com/RedHatOfficial/RedH and read more about the new font @ redhat.com/en/blog/new-look-sa. Hope this helps!

@stevenroose @travisfw Devs have love affairs with languages like Go. I think all languages suck quite deeply.

@stevenroose or even better, what if it was a language agnostic api?

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Wouldn't this be amazing.

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@tmo I had that experience too, but then it looked like it was forked or something. You looking in F-Droid?

@ebel I use simple gallery and exif scrambler for cropping and resizing, and stripping metadata, but AFAIK you're right you can't shift color balance with anything free/libre. f-droid.org/app/com.simplemobi f-droid.org/app/com.jarsilio.a

@kazooboy I avoid using git by using . The UX (CLI) makes much more sense to me. I clone pretty much everything with hg.

@Purism I can't seem to access developer.puri.sm. Site maintenance?

@deshipu @travisfw obvious means it shouldn't be patented. Copyright applies no matter how obvious. But I see what you mean, that just letting people look may not require any licensing.

@deshipu makes sense for non-technical, non-legal audiences. Can't skirt the issue forever, though. This is why github is so confusing. Everything (browsable) on github is public, but much (most?) isn't technically legal to use because authors never chose a license.

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