Why do desktop windows have tiny borders that are hard to grab with a mouse? Can no one imagine better ?

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@schratze all of them. Windows, MacOS, Gnome, prob still KDE (though I haven't tried for a while)… whatever Ubuntu's window manager is…

@travisfw KDE has customitable window borders ranging from "none" to "gigantic" in nine levels

@schratze that's truly, honestly, great. But what I mean to imply is that the problem is the window.

@travisfw hmm, I don't understand where the problem lies then

@schratze *sigh* I know it sounds offensive and smug, but, on the record, I feel like I have to say: that was my point.

@schratze The problem is what a window *is*. The windowing system. That concept just has fundamental flaws. Tiling window managers are the only alternative I know of. There should be more options. Some of which should require *less* of the user (tiling window managers require more in some ways — definitely a bigger learning curve, at least).

@schratze If I'm complaining like this, you know I, of course, have ideas. But I often feel like I'm the only one. And I'm building something else right now that I can't put aside.

@travisfw what are you looking for, then? something like a phone UI where you always get the current window in fullscreen and have different ways to switch between them?

@schratze you're right. That's a contender. It still has a lot of the same issues, though. You still have to read and hunt for the right thing to touch. You still have to guess at the right gesture (tap? long tap? swipe?). Accuracy and eyesight both require too much. My mom's eyesight is bad, but not so bad that she should have to find her glasses before she searches her contacts. Yes I know there are accessibility features that can help, but these users should not be second thoughts.

@schratze Now, look, KDE, Mr Plasma, I don't need you imposing your value judgements on my scrollbar choices!


@travisfw Because when they were first introduced, pixels were bigger, and designers, who now decide what goes into the user interface, hate them anyways.

Also, all Windows users always maximize all their windows anyways, and honestly you can't blame them, considering how Windows' windows management works.

@travisfw Also, on normal systems you can hold down alt to move and resize your windows with left or right mouse button.

@deshipu @travisfw normal systems being X11, or Mac has it too on some key?

@travisfw Classic MacOS had a dedicated resize corner (and thicker borders)

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