I remember a time when online mass-surveillance was a crazy conspiracy theory.

@fazzah Amazingly, some people still think it is.


@be @fazzah I need a word for that. When people laugh you out of a conversation for discussing recent news… What do we call irrational belief that nobody is out to get you? It's the same kind of delusion. It's more than just denial. They're afraid of paranoia. Paranoiaphobia?

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@travisfw @be @fazzah

Nice concept.

"Deliberate blindness", perhaps?

"Scared? Of course i'm scared. Anyone born with something as tender as a pair of testicles has every right to live in fear..." - Hugh Cook. 1983. :D

@travisfw @be @fazzah


Pro-noia: The feeling that the universe is out to help you. :D

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